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Forum, candidates restored faith in future of city’s politics

It was refreshing and uplifting attending the Boulder City Review forum of candidates for the biggest little city in southern Clark County on Monday, May 13, evening.

Between 150 and 200 listened for two hours to the candidates responding to questions presented by Hali Bernstein Saylor, editor and moderator of this event. I am not interested in national politics after the 1992 Ross Perot presidential campaign and attending a rally in Kansas City, Missouri, also expecting Willie Nelson to speak on his behalf. Nelson did not make it. Perot spoke and to my surprise, Nelson was sitting in front of my wife and me during the rally. I did not ask for identification nor ask him to sing a few notes, but this must have been Nelson’s twin.

Nelson was not in attendance at this week’s forum. I looked. I also looked for anyone that looked familiar. My wife noticed her hairstylist three rows closer to the candidates. We sat in the back row in the event the crowd became belligerent or unruly. Neither happened. Our plans for escaping toward the exit were not needed.

The candidates had set their tables and offered lawn signs and nicely printed literature explaining many of their positions. We took them home to read later. I am not disposed to sticking campaign signs in our yard like a real estate agent listing. The last political sign I did walk out with was a banner taken off a wall, near the exit, at the Ross Perot rally in Kansas City. Still have it rolled up. Might sell on Craigslist today as it may be collectible. Who knows?

I was pleased that half the crowd was younger than myself. I was also pleased that the other half of the crowd were older than myself. It gave me hope. Not that more younger people would attend, but that I might just make it into the latter half of those attending.

Oh, yes, the candidates. They were well-spoken, delivering prepared and unprepared messages to the audience. I was taken aback by their delivery and honesty. All were confident in their delivery and afterward, my wife and I discussed our candidate options at home. We made popcorn, lightly salted with butter, as our reward for attending.

Two hours of honorable candidates speaking directly to an audience was informative — many candidates wanting to return for another term and hopeful candidates desiring a chance to enter the Boulder City government of the future.

I was deeply moved by all of this honesty. I distrust politicians. After the forum easily consumed two hours off the clock, I am confident that Boulder City will be driven into the future with tough discussions among those winning the coming election.

Myself … I was so overwhelmed with enthusiasm after the fast-moving two hours I shook Saylor’s hand and gave her not one hug, but two. The rally changed my opinion of Boulder City politics. The rally changed my opinion of the younger people in the audience. When an individual is grasping at what to expect when they turn the odometer to a young 70 soon … this was a strong Boulder City wind that made my day. I will be in attendance at the next Boulder candidate forum.

Thank you Boulder City Review, Hali Saylor and all our candidates. Congratulations to those candidates who win and to those who are not successful, come back and give it another run next time.

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