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All the World’s a Stage

Last month, I was privileged to share the State of the City Address with more than 170 people in person and many others watching the live stream. I came up with the idea to do a center stage because the circle brought the pieces all together.

In a standard box set-up, if someone sits in a corner or at the back of the room, they might feel less connected. My ability to move about the middle of the room seemed to keep the entire audience engaged. The Boulder City Review’s recent article made me feel like a rock star, but a public servant version, likening the stage to a Metallica or Garth Brooks show. So, if I was an actual rock star, here are a few of the songs I belted out:

‘Round Every Corner: The city is well-rounded with its services, from community development to parks, public safety to public works. As with the theme using puzzle pieces, each department “fits” with the other in some capacity to present a bigger picture.

I’d like to Teach the World to Sing: We are all partners with neighboring local, county, state and federal agencies. Boulder City has made excellent strides over the past year internally and externally, working together and strengthening our relationships with community partners and stakeholders.

We Built this City: Our Boulder City Chamber of Commerce will be implementing a Main Street Program, promoting our town and businesses as the state’s No. 1 tourist attraction, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Celebration: The Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City secured more than $23 million to build a new visitors center (part of a capital bill passed by the state Legislature in 2023). The visitors center will allow the museum to hold programming and educational initiatives, and will include hands-on exhibits, a classroom for visiting students, and a research archive. The museum currently does not have a building and operates its railway from a covered platform.

People Who Need People: I meet with the area leaders for a Monthly Mayor’s Luncheon to strengthen our working relationships and create partnerships throughout our region. These meetings result in transparent communications and better understanding of the achievements and challenges of each community.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: St. Jude’s Ranch for Children’s new facility, the Healing Center, will offer a safe place to comfort victims of sexual abuse/trafficking. Their goal is to move victims along the continuum of healing, to help them survive and thrive as young adults. City staff has been working to ensure timely permitting and utility work to complete the center.

We Can Work it Out: The city of Henderson’s team continues to work with our staff by sharing plans and working on transportation planning for their portion of privately owned land in the Eldorado Valley for warehouse/industrial space. Working together limits surprises and allows everyone to have input.

Sharing this information “front and center” for our residents, as well as leaders from neighboring communities, gives us a sense of pride in our accomplishments as well as future plans. Boulder City has a lot going on and will continue to thrive, thanks to our community partners and the relationships they bring. (If you missed the State of the City Address, visit www.bcnv.org/sotc to watch it online.)

From one stage to the next: We are miles from one of history’s biggest stages!! On Sunday, Feb. 11, millions of eyes will be focused on Las Vegas, the host of Super Bowl LVIII. International media coverage will fill up the days leading up to kickoff. Expect endless entertainment and celebrity sightings in Vegas. I suspect some of the thousands of fans in town for the Big Game may find Boulder City to be a quiet change from the bright lights of the Strip. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are major “must see” attractions for visitors to Southern Nevada. Boulder City businesses are ready to make those visitors feel right at home!

And finally, from the stage to the Silver Screen! Mark your calendar for the Dam Short Film Festival, a celebration of short films held right here in historic Boulder City! Now in its 20th year, this event attracts filmmakers from all over the world, as well as thousands of visitors. This year, the festival is scheduled for Feb. 14-19. We appreciate the efforts of the Film Festival board to keep this festival growing each year! Details at www.damshortfilm.org.

Stuff I learned from my dad

It is that time of year in Newspaper World when we are going back through issues from the past year trying to decide what, if anything, is worth submitting for the annual Nevada Press Foundation Awards.

State veterans’ memorial still in f lux

Last month I wrote about a possible move of the veterans’ memorial from its long-time location adjacent to the Grant Sawyer building to the veterans’ cemetery in Boulder City.

Not on my turf

In early April, the City Council heard a presentation by Lage Design about staff’s recommended option to remove 35% of the turf at the Boulder City Municipal Golf Course.

I-11 is NOT the Autobahn

When the I-11 highway opened almost six years ago, it alleviated much of the heavy traffic congestion through Boulder City. But this beautiful expanse of open road brought with it a sense that “opening up” and putting the pedal to the metal is OK. It’s not.

New law shapes golf course design

I like golf. While I was in college, I decided to take a class in golf – you could call it a “golf course” course. I figured it would be a great way to relax, enjoy nature, and (maybe) boost my grade point average at the same time! For a semester, I learned the basics: how to drive, chip, putt. It was enjoyable. Many of my classmates that semester had been golfing for years. They were better than me, but I was determined to get a good grade out of the class.

The art of communication in consciousness

For Memorial Day I am exploring human consciousness with you. Many misunderstandings have been fought over the lack of a mutual perspective among the parties involved. What better gift is there than one that assists in the art of communication? My work in formulating the discipline of Aquarian Theosophy has led me to the following understanding of humanities’ reality; consciousness is the basis of understanding.

Alumni events, marriage and a real Nazi

Ron’s column from a few weeks ago inspired me to tell a story about a weird event from my past. Mine is not as exciting as his in that there is no wrestler named Silo Sam. But there is at least one Nazi. And, no, not the current “I disagree with your politics so you are a Nazi” version. An actual card-carrying member of the party.

Las Vegas Veterans’ Memorial to Boulder City?

Veterans’ memorials can be found all over the Silver State. They are well deserved. They honor individuals who served the nation, and also commemorate battles and events regarding the many military anniversaries in Nevada.