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Split feelings on the gun show this weekend

I have to admit I have conflicted feelings about the gun show this weekend.

We ran a column April 18 by Rose Ann Miele asking if the family friendly Spring Jamboree was the best place for a gun show . Although I didn’t agree with some of her analogies, comparing the gun show to a porn booth, I agree with her premise of proximity.

I feel the Chamber of Commerce, which runs the event, misstepped in placing the gun show alongside Spring Jamboree. I don’t see the relationship between what the jamboree is about and guns.

To be clear, I am not against guns or having a gun show in Boulder City. But why this weekend?

A mutual friend of mine and Chamber CEO Jill Lagan wondered why not have it on a different weekend . I agree.

Is there going to be a lot of crossover visitors between the gun show and the jamboree? It seems to me and my friend that the gun show could be a stand-alone event with its own weekend.

Another question we discussed is parking. If a lot of people come out for the gun show separate from the jamboree, where are they going to park?

I am a little disappointed some City Council members have not been more outspoken on this issue. I’ve had two of them tell me that they weren’t opposed to the gun show in Boulder City, but questioned why it had to be partnered with Spring Jamboree.

Although the City Council doesn’t have say over approving these types of activities, the city staff is allowing the gun show to take place inside city buildings adjacent to the jamboree.

These council members didn’t put their names on their concerns during a public-comment period at their last meeting April 23. Person after person got up expressing concern or support for the gun show.

Something else that was disappointing was that no one from the chamber was at the meeting. It was especially disappointing because chamber officials seem to be at every City Council meeting.

Although there was nothing on the council’s agenda about the gun show — remember, council has no say — I knew a few days before the meeting people were going to be there to voice their opinion. I have to believe the chamber knew it, too.

Interestingly enough, Lagan arrived after the discussion to ask the city for $5,000 from the Redevelopment Agency to help with the costs of promoting Spring Jamboree.

A good friend of mine who has children is upset about the gun show. He isn’t anti-gun, but he is not happy it is happening next to an event he would normally take his kids.

“Can you walk in there, buy a gun and ammo, and walk out into the park where my kids could be?” he asked me.

Um, yes, after a background check. Unless you’re from California, then it has to be shipped to you.

The anti-gun show advocates have also done themselves a disservice trying to get their message heard by dealing in fear-mongering. Instead of invoking school shootings and spewing a lot of half-truths, they should have focused, in my opinion, on the core issue.

Why is a gun show partnered with the family event?

At 10:45 a.m. and noon Saturday, there will be a Karate for Kids demonstration on the Center Stage, mere yards from the gun show. Just make that point.

I believe the Spring Jamboree will go off without a hitch. I plan to be here this weekend with my 10-year-old, Emma, my wife and her two boys (12 and 14).

I just wish there wasn’t a gun show next door.

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