Schools receive grants for technology makeovers

Two schools in Boulder City are getting technology makeovers after receiving a grant from the Clark County School District.

Boulder City High School and King Elementary School are recipients of the grant and will receive new computers and equipment throughout the school.

“This year, CCSD will be implementing a computer replace and repurpose program to provide new computers to schools through funding secured by the 2015 capital improvement program,” said David Sheehan on behalf of the school district. “As part of that program, CCSD will also be removing unsupported computers from schools and upgrading the operating system on existing supported Windows computers to Windows 7 or Windows 10.”

Amy Wagner, principal of the high school, said the school received approximately $235,000 worth of grant money, replaced every desktop computer on campus and got some new equipment to enhance learning opportunities for the students.

“Technology is an important part of our students’ lives,” she said. “By integrating new technology into the classroom, teachers are changing how they teach while providing students with the tools they need for the 21st century.

“The new technology from the replace and repurpose program will support our faculty in building a learning environment that develops the necessary skills for our students to learn and work in today’s digital world,” she added. “With this new technology our students will be able to excel in our community, where technology is everywhere and a part of our culture, ultimately helping them prepare for their future careers.”

In addition to the replacement, Wagner said, she got 40 new laptops, 200 Chromebooks and 41 iMac computers. She said she will add some to the library so students can use those and PCs.

King Elementary School received $75,000 with which it could purchase computers, Chromebooks, iPads, computer carts or cables.

“We purchased approximately 100 computers, with the majority going into our two labs and then into classrooms,” said Principal Anthony Gelsone. “We also purchased 22 laptops, a set of 25 iPads and three computers for the office.

“As technology seems to evolve on a daily basis, our students and staff will benefit from staying current with the latest advances in technology,” he added. “These new systems will have Windows 10. Many of our students are fortunate to have some of these tools at home, so being able to utilize Chromebooks and iPads at school will engage students in the learning process.”

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