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Watch out for serpents seeking refuge from summer sun

Rattle! Rattle! Is that a cute baby? What? I’m not talking about the baby; I’m talking about the snake. As the mercury rises, so do our encounters with the true indigenous residents of Clark County, Mr. and Mrs. Rattlesnake.

My esteemed colleagues at Boulder City Animal Control informed me that the three most prevalent rattlesnakes in Boulder City are the sidewinder, the red speckled and the Mohave green. Each has the potential to cause a huge health detriment to anyone or any animal gnawed by a rattler.

Not to be a herpetologist (that’s a snake expert), but the most lethal of these three snakes is the Mohave green. Its neurotoxin venom will cause paralysis, respiratory failure and even death if not treated immediately. Sidewinders and red speckled rattlers’ venom works as a hemotoxin. This painful bite will result in severe tissue damage and if left untreated, could cause death.

In the heat of the summer, these slithery sly serpents are attracted to the oasis of shade and water. You know, you’ve created an oasis in your yard. Also, those undulating rattlers are found in the desert area under the shade of a boulder or rock.

When you let your dog out in the backyard to get a drink from the pool or conduct some “business,” take it on a leash, so that you can pull it away from the rattler. Also, if you’re out for a walk in the balmy desert, keep the dogs on a leash and place eyes on the back of your head!

One more thing, the two Boulder City animal hospitals will surely have the anti-venom. Time is of the essence and you will not have time to drive over.

One last item, call Animal Control if you encounter a rattler in your yard. As the late Steven Irwin would say, “Now that’s a beauty”; our Animal Control officers think so, too.

“Control, 269, I’ll be 10-8, with some snake tongs.”

May 25. Officers get dispatched to the area of Adams Boulevard near the school regarding a shattered car windshield. Witnesses saw four juveniles running from the area. Officers investigate and discover these juveniles were throwing rocks at passing cars. This deadly game could cost the life of a driver or others. Please talk to your children about the consequences of throwing anything at a car or a person.

May 26. Dispatch hears yelling in the background. The caller reports a male and female are having an argument in the area of Potosi Street. Officers arrive to find a woman and son in a vehicle in front of the home. After some questioning, officers determine a domestic battery was committed and arrest the father. I forgot to mention, this argument was fueled by a legal substance: alcohol.

May 27. A female caller reports her boyfriend, who is now taking a shower, just choked her. Officers respond and the female is hiding, so the boyfriend can’t find her. Officers are able to take the subject into custody without incident. With a bail set of more than $5,000 and a minimum time to be held in jail, the boyfriend should have a couple of days to analyze his crime.

May 28. We arrive at a home near Adams Boulevard in reference to a disturbance. Officers recognize the funny skunk odor. After checking on the welfare of the residents, officers see some very suspicious foliage. After a search warrant was obtained, we learn the indoor greenery needed further examination. The case is under investigation.

May 29. Officers get dispatched to a home off Avenue A regarding a female trespassing at the residence. Officers locate the admitted and convicted methamphetamine user and place her under arrest for trespassing. After taking her into custody, the induced seizure she begins to replicate requires medical attention. After being released from the hospital an hour later, she’s back at the house. Officers again make contact and in the officer’s presence a seizure begins. Again being cleared by medical, she was provided a courtesy ride to Henderson.

May 30. A caller reports what appears to be nefarious activity at Del Prado Park. Officer arrives and learns two of the seven subjects have warrants. In addition,there was also the smell of narcotics. One of the wanted subjects admits the illegal narcotics belong to him. He is arrested for his four warrants and illegal narcotics charges. The other wanted subject is released by Metropolitan Police Department. Maybe the times behind bars will inspire this band member to sing a new tune.

May 31. What a phenomenal day. It’s almost the end of a 12-hour shift. What? You got to be kidding. Dispatch advises of a fight at one of our local drinking establishments. We arrive and learn, once again, the accelerant known as alcohol gave one person liquid insight into life’s issues. Thankfully, no one involved in the family melee decided to press charges. No one is arrested and no report taken.

We made it! I wish all of your kids a great summer; school is out. Be safe and have fun.

Thanks for riding along. “Control, 269, we’ll be 10-7.”

Officer Jeffrey Grasso is a 10-year veteran of the Boulder City Police Department. He previously served as a police officer in south Florida for four years.

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