Final map for subdivision approved

Updated March 15, 2018 - 11:14 am

City Council relied on expert opinion and, in a divided vote, approved the final map for a new subdivision in town.

At its meeting Tuesday, Community Development Director Michael Mays said the final map for the first phase of StoryBook Homes’ Boulder Hills Estates at the corner of Adams Boulevard and Bristlecone Drive is in “substantial conformance” to the tentative map already approved by the council.

The map is for 42 lots, which is the first phase of the project.

Mays said the only change was that some lots had been modified because of a change in size and all were still within the proper zoning requirements for the city.

Councilman Kiernan McManus said he was still hearing a concern from residents about traffic from the subdivision, especially with not being able to turn left from Bristlecone onto Adams.

Mays said the additional point of conflict along the road was a larger concern, according to the independent traffic consultant hired by the city and that turning right and doing a U-turn at Walnut Street was a better option.

“I believe having people make U-turns at Walnut is a traffic concern,” McManus said.

Resident Judy Dechaine said that she felt making a left turn on Adams Boulevard could cause an issue and that making a right turn and then a U-turn seemed like a safer option.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think you want to take a left-hand turn on a curved road, with cars going 30 to 40 mph,” said Councilman Rich Shuman.

Councilwoman Peggy Leavitt said council members had heard the residents’ concerns and were not taking this element lightly.

“We’re relying on expert opinions for this,” she said. “I think we have to rely on that.”

Mayor Rod Woodbury agreed.

“There may be future issues we have to address but I’m not willing to overturn expert opinion,” he said.

McManus was also concerned about drainage from the subdivision as he said the water would drain across Bristlecone Drive as well as the effect the drainage channel will have after being reduced to 20 feet wide from the originally planned 30-foot width.

“When all this is finished, the city will need to step in and make improvements which will cost the citizens money,” he said.

At a previous meeting, Michael Gray, vice president of land acquisition and forward planning for StoryBook, said to accommodate drainage from the property, the company is planning to install 8-inch rip-rap, a rock or material used to contain water, at the end of Bristlecone Drive, which was a requirement in the City Council’s resolution for the tentative map approval.

StoryBook Homes did change the size of the drainage channel to Bristlecone Drive on the final map but still meets or exceeds code requirements, according to a city staff report.

“It’s not our intent at all to have the city pay for anything,” Gray said Tuesday.

Woodbury said the city needs to plan for the future with the drainage for that area, but he did not see any issues currently that would require inlets or other major improvements.

Council approved the final map 4-1, with McManus voting against it because of the concerns he stated.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, council:

n Accepted a $45,000 grant from the state to allow the Boulder City Police Department to purchase an off-highway vehicle to patrol the desert and mountain areas of the city.

n Introduced a bill to amend the lease between Boulder City and Gridliance West Transco LLC to add more land to the leased area for an expanded switch yard and related transmission facilities.

n Heard a presentation from the Clark County School District’s School Associate Superintendent Lorna James-Cervantes about the reorganization process at schools in Boulder City.

n Reappointed Gary Berger to the Airport Advisory Commission in a vote of 4-1. McManus did not vote for the appointment, as he nominated someone else.

n Appointed Scott Hinson to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

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