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Drop only prescription medicines at police station

I’ve been asked to put out just a little bit of information about what is and is not eligible for disposal at the drop container inside the lobby of the police department. The list of permissible items is pretty small: prescription medication. What is not: everything else.

Syringes are not to be disposed of here. There are specific containers available from medical supply stores.

Please, do not clean out your family stash of over-the counter cold medication, cough syrup, nose spray or hemorrhoid cream. No acne medication, Q-tips, lipstick or other related (or not related) items. If a doctor prescribed it and it was picked up from a pharmacy, it qualifies for disposal.

The box has been placed here to provide a service for our residents, but recently it appears it has become a dumping ground. If you are family cleaning out the residence of an ill family member or just purging some expired items, please take note.

When the box gets full of items qualifying for regular trash removal it won’t allow room for those that do. Thank you!

July 20. Suspicious: The man laying on the sidewalk with a bike nearby is (still) concerning to passersby at 6:45 a.m. in the area of Veterans Memorial Drive and U.S. Highway 93.

Aircraft: The caller requests an escort to tow an aircraft from the dry lake bed to the airport after an emergency landing at 5:53 p.m. in the area of mile marker 48 on U.S. Highway 95.

Thought for the day: Strange how people will notice an insignificant item and totally disregard a plane landing in the mud.

July 21. Suspicious vehicle: The caller states a semi tractor spewing black smoke just passed him at 10:43 a.m. in the area of U.S. 93 at mile marker 6.

Family disturbance: The caller reports a fist fight in the parking lot at 2:26 p.m. in the 900 block of Adams Boulevard.

Thought for the day: Officers get the vehicle pulled over but not before the patrol car is covered in blowing oil.

July 22. Family disturbance: An officer witnessed a verbal altercation between two subjects waiting at the bus stop and the driver advises it won’t be happening on the bus at 5:32 a.m. in the 1000 block of Arizona Street.

Animal: The adopted parents of the Yorkie are devastated after it runs away during a bathroom break and have only a few days before they have to return to their home in another state at 10:48 a.m. in the 500 block of Railroad Avenue.

Thought for the day: Several subjects on foot assist in the ground search and a “all call” goes out on social media; the wayward child is soon reunited with some very happy pet parents.

July 23. Suspicious vehicle: The citizen reports a vehicle running for several hours and the occupant advises they chose the car over the disagreement with a roommate at 4:14 a.m. in the 1300 block of Darlene Way.

Animal: It’s all hands on deck after nine baby bunnies are dropped off in the desert area at 11:02 a.m. in the 1200 block of Corral Road.

Thought for the day: Don’t drop your unwanted pets out to fend for themselves.

July 24. Accident: The caller heard a crash and hears crying but cannot locate anyone. However, the bicycle vs. auto accident is quickly located at 1:40 a.m. in the 1600 block of Nevada Highway.

Disorderly conduct: The suspect states he is living in his vehicle and needed to make some quick money so he offered to be a model for a female customer at 8:59 p.m. in the 1600 block of Nevada Highway.

Thought for the day: I’m not sure that late-night approaching strangers for new career opportunities is the best option. Perhaps a job?

July 25. Disturbance: Two neighbors are in a heated exchange about what might have happened if the flying umbrella would have hit the vehicle nearby at 8:52 a.m. in the 1200 block of Hazelwood Street.

Disorderly conduct: The man appears between homes and has taken a dislike for certain color cars in the parking lot resulting in a trespass and admonishment to stop yelling and move along at 1:55 p.m. in the 1300 block of Nevada Way.

Thought for the day: It seems this heat is getting on everyone’s nerves.

July 26. Suspicious: The two subjects sitting in the vehicle nearby for an extended time don’t seem to fit in the neighborhood at 7:45 a.m. in the 1600 block of Indian Wells Drive.

DUI: The vehicle swerving all over the roadway is suspicious but when the driver gets out and falls down the situation is clear at 4:29 p.m. in the 700 block of Canyon Road.

Thought for the day: The young men waiting for the homeowner to return so the house can be painted are urged to park closer to their prospective employer.

Call of the week: Suspicious: The caller reports a disheveled man yelling at a park bench. She states he has been hitting it and then dropped his pants to “moon”the bench. The man informs the officer that he most certainly didn’t drop his pants but is on his way to the hospital to have a probe removed and may need a bus pass at 9:25 a.m. on July 21 in the 700 block of Nevada Way.

Tina Ransom is a dispatcher with Boulder City Police Department. She is coordinator of the Boulder City Citizen’s Academy.

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