City seeks to update building, fire codes

The building and fire codes in Boulder City are potentially getting an update as several resolutions with suggested changes were introduced to the City Council at its meeting on Feb. 28.

These suggested changes would bring the codes in line with the current national ones used in neighboring areas.

“We try to stay in line with what other municipalities have,” said City Clerk Lorene Krumm.

Updates happen every few years, she added.

According to city documents, the main change to the Administrative Building Code is updates to the Construction Valuation Table, which helps set the proper building permit fee by calculating the overall valuation of a construction project. The table was last updated in 2013, and the proposed changes are minor but would make the code easier to understand and follow.

Currently, Boulder City uses the 2009 International Fire Code, and other jurisdictions within Clark County use the 2012 International Fire Code.

According to city documents, adopting the newer version would bring the city in line with other jurisdictions. The main differences between the two fire codes deal with fire safety requirements for high-rise buildings, which does not affect Boulder City. The only other change is the date of the fire code.

The resolutions with these changes will be back for consideration by the City Council at its meeting March 14.

The city also will work to educate the home builders and contractors in Boulder City of these changes once they are final.

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