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Candidate profile: Paul W. Bageman

Updated March 17, 2021 - 5:05 pm

Paul W. Bageman is one of 13 candidates seeking a seat on City Council.

To help residents make an informed decision when casting their ballots, the Boulder City Review asked each candidate to answer three questions and invited them to record a video interview in lieu of a candidates’ forum, which could not be held due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Bageman’s response is below in his own words. They have been edited only for grammar, spelling and style.

Paul W. Bageman

Age: 61

Marital status: Married for 32 years to Wendy Bageman.

Family: I have three children, all adults and out of the house.

Education: I have Bachelor of Science in aeronautical engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Occupation: I was a flight instructor in the U.S. Navy and finished my obligation to the Navy flying the F-14A at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Miramar, California. Currently employed by American Airlines flying the B-777. I have flown the B-717, B-757, B-767 and captained on the B-737.

Length of Boulder city residency: Wendy and I bought a house in Boulder City in March 2013 and moved here permanently in May 2017 from San Diego.

Clubs/organization affiliations: I am a member of the Boulder City Elks Lodge, serving as the chairman of the board of trustees and the bar manager. I joined in 2018. I am also a member of the Boulder Pistol and Rifle Club.

► What do you feel are the most pressing issues for Boulder City in the near future?

Regarding the pressing issues for Boulder City, I believe the current narrative in City Hall is not productive to the business culture or the residents. The ability to make educated, well-grounded decisions based on the current economic climate seems to be severely lacking and deficient. I intend to engage in a common-sense, reality-based conversation to resolve the numerous conflicts that appear to be ongoing in City Hall. The city seems inclined to micro-manage business ventures it controls, but has no understanding of the metrics those businesses use to be successful.

What does the city know about running golf courses, airport fuel services, airport hangars and small business? My understanding is the city can barely manage its own internal affairs. I believe the free market/business is far more capable of making better informed decisions, not City Hall. The financial health of Boulder City needs direct attention and sound planning. I see the exact opposite happening currently.

► What is your position on development in Boulder City? What type of developments do you think are appropriate and where should they be allowed? What types of developments do you think are inappropriate? Does the city have the necessary infrastructure to support any type of development?

The growth of this town is an issue on everyone’s agenda. The current growth ordinance, in my opinion, is good and should not be changed. That being said, there has to be some growth and the external pressures of people wanting to move to Boulder City have to be addressed. I am all for preserving the historic nature of this town; I think it is one of the many blessings of Boulder City.

There cannot be a head-in-the-sand mentality. How is the infrastructure issue going to be addressed if City Hall has no forward-thinking budget and impresses on the local business community unnecessary hardships and regulations? It’s a downward spiral if Boulder City doesn’t get the financial structure under control and change the current culture.

The current parking issues are not going to be easily resolved. Downtown Boulder City has a design layout that draws people to Nevada Way. There was never much room for parking unless you use the lots to the east. I am sure it can be resolved with intelligent input, but it’s better to have traffic issues and healthy store fronts than empty parking spaces and “for lease” signs in the windows. The economic situation we face requires solving problems that make the sense in the long term. Let’s get Boulder City healthy first and worry about the secondary issues that result afterward. This town needs economic stability and less agenda-driven politics.

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