Be aware of school zones, students, bicyclists as new year start

School starts a little bit earlier this year, with the first day of school this year Aug. 14.

Since we have all had some time off from school to relax, we should review a few safety reminders for you and your children as we prepare for the beginning of the semester. The No. 1 priority should be to keep our kids safe as they travel to and from school, but a large part of that safety is recognizing the dangers and taking steps to prevent any unwanted injuries.

One of the great things about raising a family in Boulder City is the comfortability of allowing your school-aged child to walk or ride their bikes to school. Children of all ages from kindergarten through high school have the ability to walk to school. We, as residents of this town, need to make the adjustment for these kids as they are walking to and from school, and not just in school zones and near crosswalks. These children are walking through neighborhoods and to and from recreational facilities.

Speed limits in the school zones are not drag racing lanes, and drivers should be cautious of kids on sidewalks and crosswalks. Remember, as a driver that U-turns and passing in a school zone are prohibited. We, as drivers, need to prepare ourselves a few minutes earlier in the morning so we do not feel rushed and speed through the school zones. The safety of our children needs to be the biggest priority.

Children who are walking to and from school may need a little safety direction from you as a parent to provide them with the safest way to get to school. Make sure your student is wearing a helmet if he chooses to ride a bike, scooter or skateboard to school. Make sure they know the importance of stopping at the crosswalks and walking their equipment across the street when it is safe and/or when directed by the crossing guards.

When walking through residential neighborhoods be sure to check both ways twice before attempting to cross the street. As a parent I would suggest walking the route with your child before school starts to show them the correct route and safest way to get to and from school.

Remind your children to never accept rides from strangers and if there is to be someone other than yourself picking them up from school, you clearly communicate to them who it is and where they will be picking up your student.

Because school is starting earlier in the year than in previous years we have to be cautious of the weather. Remember, the beginning of August is still very warm and students should dress accordingly. Stay out of rain washes and gutters when it rains and stay hydrated with water to prevent any unwanted illness.

If your child requires a medication to be taken to school with them, get in contact with the school’s administration about the correct procedures of bringing and administering the medications while at school.

We look forward to another successful school year for our young students. We can and will do everything in our power to help keep everyone safe. With your help and preparedness, we can have an uneventful year. Have fun and hit the books!

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the fire station at 702-293-9228 or email me at

Brian Shea is a Boulder City paramedic/firefighter.

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