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Voting essential to being part of community

I’m old enough to remember a time when adults were the authority on everything. If you were a kid, what you said didn’t really matter, because the adults knew best. As a teenager, this was changing, and authority was being questioned.

Residents deserve answers to their questions

Information is tricky difficult to find. Town hall meetings where the public asks questions or even submit items for discussion to be shared publicly don’t take place. Public comments at meetings are limited to five minutes, and answering a speaker’s question or having a dialogue during this five minutes is not permitted. Put this all together, and you have those who believe, correctly or incorrectly, that something is being hidden.

Plan for future with past in mind

The words “quality of life” have been replaying almost constantly in my head for some time now. What do the words mean to me, to you and to those who do not know us in Boulder City or know each of us intimately?

Hope for better world needs a little help

“Hope needs some help.” I heard that sentence the other day from a talk show host. He added that he is always hopeful but not an optimist. His words got me to thinking.

Consider the facts before voting

Kick him when he’s down. Shoot the families. Those people are criminals. Beat the crap out of them. You eat like a pig and you’re fat. I know more than anyone about everything.

One voice, one vote can make a difference

There’s a serious disorder affecting our country, state and city. Its name is frustration. Folks are paralyzed by it and believe they are powerless to fix anything. People are looking for a quick fix to serious issues and latch on to those who advocate punching the “enemy” in the face, eliminating troublemakers, keeping women “in their place,” blaming the poor for budget deficits and assuring the wealthy they are that way because they deserve to be. An old-fashioned American slug with a very big stick will most certainly do the trick or perhaps just decimate populations we don’t like with bombs. Problem solved.

Every vote makes a difference

Politicians, candidates and political parties exist because of us, individual voters. To quote the Declaration of Independence: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed …”

Common interests could lead to opening hearts, minds

Oh, yeah! Political fur is flying, but, as my mother used to say: “Hold your horses.” Maybe there’s some thinking to do before we get too wild and crazy about issues, candidates and political affiliations. Maybe thought needs to be given to who is and isn’t registered to vote.

Learn all you can before voting

I've been fortunate in my life to have once run for a political office. I lost, but it was worth every hour I put into it. Since I retired from my job with the city of Boulder City five years ago, I have had more time to be involved in politics,...

Make your voice heard, let your vote count

Don't ask me why, but, even as a kid, I believed almost anything was possible. Good would triumph. Solutions would be found. Where's the evidence? I grew up in a second-floor apartment with two parents who were not high school graduates. My mother...

Holiday wishes would make city a better place

I've never written a letter to Santa or composed a Christmas list, so I thought I'd share my wishes with you since you will be fulfilling them, not in any particular order. I wish every person in Boulder City was registered to vote and went to the...

Practice peace, gain better understanding

When humanity becomes perfect, there will be peace and understanding throughout the world. Violence, killing, terrorism and hatred will end. So what do we do in the meantime? Perhaps we make perfecting ourselves part of our daily life and keep at it...

Value of life worth considering -- often

What is a life worth? More than two decades ago when my kids were young, the answer to that question hit me. Here's a little background: I have never given birth to a child. My son and daughter came to me three days after my husband and I got...

Give power to kindness

Bullies are mean. Bullies hurt folks. Bullies don't consider the feelings of others. They are self-centered and conceited. Bullies take advantage of any weakness a person might have. My one childhood experience with a bully came when I was about 10...

Facts let you get true story

July 1998. I wrote my first story for the Boulder City News. Since then, I've written for Boulder City publications, and I'm glad I'm still at it. It's been a wonderful, frustrating, exciting, awful, amazing and marvelous learning experience from my...

To preserve past, you must act

“You can’t have it both ways.” You’ve heard it. We say it time and again. The recent issue of the “old hospital” on Park Street being torn down presents the perfect opportunity to examine this quote. Countless folks have moved to Boulder...

Round of golf can help in countless ways

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to be a very small part of an annual event that benefits Boulder City kids. The event was Puttin’ 4 the Kids, sponsored by Jack’s Place Sports Bar and Grill and the Dan Leach Memorial Fund.

Save breadcrumbs for meatballs. Use your brain.

There are times during my day when I seriously believe that folks have breadcrumbs for brains. I’m not knocking breadcrumbs since they add to the flavor and consistency of Italian meatballs, but I am questioning what faculties folks use when they should be thinking.

Finding, sharing your passion is priceless

If you ask me if I enjoy my life, I would say, without hesitation, I do. I take great pleasure in living in Boulder City, even though I miss some dear friends and family, my favorite restaurants and the cultural amenities I enjoyed in my birthplace, Chicago.