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Violence, riots will not stop president’s re-election

No conspiracies this month, folks, merely a string of coincidences with the same mission: to avenge the 2016 presidential election and prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election.

The electronic melee on the Boulder City Facebook page concerning my opinion that politicians were using the Wuhan virus pandemic to seize political and economic power has now been eclipsed by the destruction and mayhem of Antifa and their allies inside the Black Lives Matter movement. The life-threatening virus doesn’t seem be so life-threatening nowadays, considering the enormous crowds and the cheers of support and admiration from Democrat politicians and their bosses in the media.

Speaking of the Boulder City Review Facebook page : To the person who questioned my educational pedigree, I’ll have you know, madam, that fifth grade was the best three years of my life.

I am furious. Had I the authority, I would have driven to Minneapolis and personally arrested the officer who killed George Floyd. I am not alone. Many peace officers, active and retired, have expressed the same sentiments.

I am angry at the officers’ chain of command. If supervisors had enough information to fire four officers within 24 hours, they certainly had sufficient probably cause to arrest them. Not one sergeant, lieutenant, captain or higher-ranking brass had the testicular fortitude to do what is right. All should be demoted two ranks. This may be asking much from a city that now wants to abolish its own police department. Minneapolis’ collective mentality has devolved to that of a developing nation.

Floyd’s death was unnecessary and an act of pure evil.

Equally evil is the death, destruction and mayhem that have ensued. Despite efforts by media and opportunistic politicians to convince you otherwise, there is no war against blacks by the police. Last year, 1,004 people were fatally shot by the police, according to The Washington Post. Of those, 230 were black males; 15 were unarmed. There were 376 white males shot and killed; 25 were unarmed. Unarmed has a misleading connotation. In any encounter with a police officer, there is at least one firearm present.

From 2005-2014, 40 percent of cop killers were black. All but a few were males, who comprise 6.5 percent of the population.

In 2018, more than 7,000 blacks were homicide victims; more than 90 percent of their attackers were other blacks.

There are numerous underlying socioeconomic reasons for the disproportionate number of black homicide victims, but the police is not one of them. Eliminating or defunding police departments will neither protect the vulnerable populations from vicious criminals nor reduce crime.

The nights of looting and rioting have nothing to do with Mr. Floyd’s homicide. I believe this is a well-orchestrated, well-funded, strategically planned movement to influence the 2020 election, hide the generational influences of Communist China’s tentacles into our economic and academic institutions, and mask the current “Obama-gate” testimonies in both houses of Congress.

It is no coincidence that retired Gens. (James) Mattis and (John) Kelly, along with former Presidents (George) Bush and (Barack) Obama, are criticizing President Trump during these tumultuous times. Ironically, they all claim Trump is the one dividing the country.

Obama was president for eight years prior to Trump. Bush was president for eight years prior to Obama. Bush’s father was an envoy to China, CIA director, vice president for eight years and president for four years. Somehow, now, in the middle of this orchestrated pandemonium, it is all President Trump’s fault.

Acquiescing to violent acts and violent people will not stop them. “Zero bail” policies, politically correct judges, cheerleading media and kneeling in unison merely emboldens the criminals. The felons and miscreants who hijack an otherwise peaceful demonstration should be arrested and jailed until the peaceful gatherings disperse.

Everyone should strive to follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy: “The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat.” King also said, “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral.”

In closing, I encourage everyone to limit their TV news viewing to minutes instead of hours a day. I know, it’s hard to look away from an airliner crashing into a train and then careening into a cruise ship.

There is hope. Stay informed.

Early voting starts in 18 weeks.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish as fools,” King said.

We the people will be victorious.

Dan Jennings is a retired Army captain and a retired BCPD lieutenant. He can be reached at bcpd267@cox.net.

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