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Senate hearing brought circus back to town

Autumn has arrived and brings with it special events such as the Wurst Festival and Art in the Park. Likewise, in other parts of the world, similar events give folks escape from the insanity of everyday living.

Who can forget their childhood trips to the circus? The sights, sounds and smells left a lifelong feeling of excitement with each passing year. As we got older, each act was predictable and we could see through the charade of the lion tamers cracking their whips to intimidate their charges and felt confident the lion would not chomp off the trainer’s head as he inserted it into the lion’s mouth. The clowns were always funny, perhaps inspiring some of us, not me certainly, to become class clowns. The circus always moved on to the next town and we moved on during our teenage years; going to the circus became uncool.

A veteran police officer told me decades ago that being a police officer was better than going to the circus because we got paid to watch acts and feats that were funnier and more abundant.

The Senate Judiciary hearing to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice devolved to a circus that became nothing short of what I consider a horror show. In my opinion, the ringmaster lost control as 10 clowns took charge and launched a vicious attack on an innocent person.

It wasn’t enough that these killer clowns lambasted a sitting judge; his family quickly departed the hearing to avoid the boisterous protestors inside the room.

A 52-year-old college psychology professor came forward with a 36-year-old allegation.

I did not find Christine Blasey Ford credible. She has three graduate degrees, including a doctorate, and acted coy and seemed to be playing dumb when answering some questions. She came across as evasive on many answers that were not related to the sexual assault, including the specifics of the polygraph (location, length, etc.), the timeline between her letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her testimony, and who advised her to get an attorney. I do not believe she was being completely truthful about her fear of flying and it was hard for me to follow her answers at times.

I have witnessed the aftermath of all types of sexual assault during my years as a law enforcement officer and every victim left a indelible mark on my heart. All allegations should be treated compassionately and thoroughly investigated. False allegations have lifetime consequences.

Sexual assault survivors nationwide should be outraged that Professor Ford was apparently used as a last-minute sideshow in an attempt to derail a Supreme Court nomination and sully the reputation of a sitting U.S. Circuit Court judge. Furthermore, everyone should be angry that someone leaked her identity and violated her desire for anonymity.

Fortunately, the ringmaster regained control of the circus, but only after a seventh FBI background investigation. There was no evidence or testimony to corroborate the accusers’ allegations.

Eventually, the majestic elephants, some of whom had lost their spines, came together, tossed the donkeys out of the tent, and confirmed Judge Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

I believe that the stench of this pandemonium will waft over next month’s election. This may be the most crucial midterm election in our republic’s history.

In Boulder City, early voting starts Oct. 29. In Clark County, early voting starts Oct. 20 and you may vote in any district. Please make your vote count by being informed.

Don’t be part of the 74 percent of adults who can’t name all three branches of government or the 37 percent who cannot name a single branch of government (hint: executive, judicial and legislative).

Don’t be part of the 71 percent who do not know that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Finally, if you are running for Congress, please know that if elected, you will be sworn in, not inaugurated, and you will not be signing bills into law. The president is inaugurated and is the only person who signs bills into law.

Election Day is Nov. 6, which is only seven weeks before Christmas Day. I hope there are no early surprises.

Dan Jennings is a 38-year law enforcement veteran. He can be reached at bcpd267@cox.net.

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