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Research candidates before voting

We have a crucial election for two vacant Boulder City council seats coming up. All of us have been told, “Get out and vote.”

Exercising your right to vote is important but most significant is who you vote for. Many of us make the decision based on someone’s good looks, comfortable demeanor, their charm or wit and even the way they communicate.

Of course, all of these qualities play a small part of the equation but the most meaningful trait is what the individual stands for, what they represent and whether or not they align themselves with your own wants and desires for the community in which you live.

You must look at each candidate, research their background, understand the many issues our city is faced with and what their point of view is. Thomas Edison said, “Five percent of the people think; 10 percent of the people think they think; and the other 85 percent would rather die than think.”

That’s right, think it through. Strive to be in the 5 percent.

Spend the time and do some thinking. The direction of the city for the next several years hangs in the balance. Your vote is vital, make it count.

Don’t look for a pretty face or a well-worn suit and, by all means, be careful for what you wish for. Take the time to do the research. Read each candidate’s bio on the Boulder City website. Talk to friends and acquaintances and learn as much as you can about each contender.

Then and only then, think it through and vote for who you believe will best make the right decisions for you, your neighbors and our illustrious city.

Remember the old adage: “If you don’t plan your life, someone will plan it for you and you may not like what they planned.”

The same holds true for voting. If you don’t vote, someone will vote for you and you may not like the way they voted.

The opinions expressed above belong solely to the author and do not represent the views of the Boulder City Review. They have been edited solely for grammar, spelling and style, and have not been checked for accuracy of the viewpoints.

G. Kevin Savord is currently a professional pilot and former small business owner. He can be reached at gksavord@gmail.com.

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