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Coombes draws more criticism

It is difficult to follow the writings of (Charles “Pepper”) Coombes over the past couple of weeks. He initially complained about the existence of minimum wage laws and of the reach of government. My issue with those positions is that minimum wage laws set a base that most employers must meet. This is done for the obvious reason of protecting employees from unscrupulous employers. The response from Mr. Coombes is that he understands what a living wage is. Why the complaint in the first place then?

Mr. Coombes again notes what an astute businessman he is and that he has not accepted taxpayer funds raised through the reach of government. I refer him to the meeting of the Boulder City Council as the Redevelopment Authority on July 13, 2011, where Boulder Bowl applied for and received taxpayer funds amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in structural improvements. This building is owned by Mr. Coombes. Redevelopment Authority money is often dressed up and spun around as being something else but is money from Boulder City taxpayers.

Application for funds requires a business to certify public assistance is required for certain types of improvements the business cannot afford or otherwise be funded from other sources. The business is the direct beneficiary and is not required to repay the money. Mr. Coombes has benefited from the reach of government he complains of.

Regarding Mr. Coombes’ attempt to turn his complaints into a personal attack on me, I would remind him that there are many paths to success in America. Having worked in my parents’ successful small business over many years I learned many valuable lessons. There are millions of hardworking, successful employees and entrepreneurs in America. Mr. Coombes is not exceptional and should refrain from attempting to elevate himself to elite status.

Kiernan J. McManus,

Boulder City

Insurance is a business

Insurance companies are a business like any other (Milo’s, Albertson’s, etc.). They have a product or service to offer for sale, and when expenses exceed income, the options are to close the business, lay off employees, or raise the prices. Therefore, they raised prices, the only option left to them. Health insurance has always been available to anyone who wanted it but it was by choice — not mandate. Insurance companies are businesses and are owned by stock holdings and thrive to make a profit. Remember — America is the land of the fittest and we don’t owe you a ride because you are here — take care of tomorrow by preparing today.

Our “undocumented residents” are offered free medical care, schooling, meals, housing, etc. Someone has to pay for it. Muslims (Scientologists, Amish, Mennonites and a few other religious sects) are exempted from participating in Obamacare because their religion considers insurance to be “gambling,” “risk-taking” and “usury” and is thus banned. But I’ll bet they don’t forego medical attention when they need it, which will — like for the illegals — will be offered for free and without penalty paid for by the members of the insurance companies, and which also leads them to less or no profit at all.

More than 16,000 new IRS agents have been hired to oversee the debacle that is Obamacare. Meanwhile, jobs are being created at a paltry rate, unemployment is increasing (don’t quote numbers that show it going down — consider how many have simply fallen off the rolls because time has run out), and people are already losing jobs or having their hours cut so their employers can attempt to deal with the new “law.” Who’s going to pay for these new IRS agents when the taxpayer base has been reduced? The people who demand Obamacare are those who don’t pay taxes or very little and hope the 1 percenters will continue to pay — don’t count on it.

Also, a recent “60 Minutes” news segment dealt with the fact that there are 15 million people on disability who shouldn’t be there; however, they have no choice but to fraudulently apply because all other avenues of revenue have been exhausted (unemployment, anyone?). So, not only does the government have to put them on the disability rolls, but also pays their lawyers and doctors for the expense of the appeal process. By the way, these people don’t count in the unemployment percentages. Oh, and if you didn’t know, those who receive disability payments get health insurance … free, paid for by the tax payers.

I am not disputing that the health insurance industry requires extensive repair, especially where families and children are concerned but we need to learn that we have to prepare today for tomorrow — get some insurance to cover you when you do get sick. Do you think the guy that didn’t insure his house should get one rebuilt from the fire by the tax payers? No.

Let’s leave Boulder City like you found it when you came here — clean and green – the oasis of the desert.

Charles “Pepper” Coombes,

Boulder City

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