Boulder City’s future looks bright

The future of Boulder City looks bright and prosperous despite the doomsayers. The economy is very good.

What effect will the bypass have? In the long run, very good for Boulder City. This will eliminate the heavy truck traffic and cars that have no intention of stopping. I have watched the traffic at the junction of U.S. Highway 93 and Buchanan Boulevard. Probably one in 100, if that many, drive on into the heart of the business district. Those who bypass are people anxious to leave after a fun time in Las Vegas or heading into Vegas for a fun time and not interested in seeing Boulder City.

The bypass will serve as a filter to bring into our city those who want to see the many offerings of beautiful, green Boulder City. Most of the people who now stop in Boulder City will continue to stop if the City Council and Chamber of Commerce will put together plans to encourage travelers to exit and visit the shops and interesting history of Boulder City.

Signs of interest at the exits will draw people. Let me see, ah, yes, “Visit the gateway to Hoover Dam.” Curiosity, yes, create curiosity that will draw the tourists. The tourists with cameras will want to take time to visit Boulder City, the shops and points of interest before continuing on their way to the vistas overlooking Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

I am a longtime resident of Boulder City, with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in Boulder City. I am 87 years old and lived during the Great Depression. I have seen the economy of the nation rise in prosperity and fall into recessions a number of times. I went into the retail business at the age of 13 and have successfully been involved in a number of business ventures, including a very successful retail business in the Seattle, Washington, area. This should give me license to write of what I believe to be the glowing future for Boulder City.

There have been businesses that failed. Regardless of the economic climate, there are businesses that will succeed and those that will fail. There is an expression for those who want to go into business: “Find a need and fill it.”

I have no intention of opening a shop that sells buggy whips (smile). What new business does Boulder City need. Hum? Perhaps, even at 87, I should come out of retirement and open a business in Boulder City.

The former mayor wrote to the editor a few weeks ago on businesses that failed. He should check the facts more carefully before he writes. He referred to the Scratch House restaurant that closed. Why did it close? It was about building permits. The owner of the Scratch House also bought and was remodeling Mel’s Diner as a taco shop. They asked for a variance of 1 foot, and the city building inspector wouldn’t accommodate him.

It wasn’t just the one event with him. It had been going on and on and on. He, and every other builder, remodeler, Realtor, etc. in Boulder City has had so many problems with this inspector. So long story short — he closed everything up. He is a very wealthy man and can afford to never reopen it. Just let it sit.

That inspector has since been fired. It’s long overdue.

Does Boulder City want new businesses? The city must accommodate those who want to open businesses.

Also the Haggen grocery store based in Washington closed, but not for lack of customers. The chain closed stores in Nevada and California. Bankruptcy was filed.

There have also been new businesses opened in Boulder City within the past year or two. The 99 Cents Only Store opened. New eateries have opened. Professional offices have opened.

Negative, pessimistic naysayers: If you cannot get on board and look to the bright future of Boulder City, please do Boulder City a favor and leave. Or at least keep quiet and don’t discourage us who are positive about Boulder City.

Forget New York, Paris, Rome, London — Boulder City is unsurpassed as the city in the world to live. Viva La Boulder City.

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