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Letters to the Editor

All efforts to ensure Sunrise celebration’s success appreciated

I would like to thank all those who participated in and attended our Easter Sunrise Celebration at Hemenway Park on April 1. It was indeed a joyous celebration in an incredible setting overlooking the lake. The amber-lit crosses stood as a wonderful reminder that Jesus died for the sins of all and then rose to defeat death. Our Savior has risen indeed.

Thanks especially to Albertsons for donating dozens of doughnuts and Starbucks for offering a large discount on their coffee to us. You are both such wonderful community members, and we are grateful for all that you do in Boulder City.

All the committee members, readers, singers, players and sound/light Pacinis are so faithful to work every year on this event. You are appreciated.

Thanks to the community for quietly streaming down the hill in the dark, taking your places on the hill and waiting for that glorious “Son” to appear. We are so touched by your faithful attendance and generosity.

Once again we will be donating to Lend a Hand of Boulder City and Emergency Aid of Boulder City equally after expenses.

Kathy Whitman

and the Boulder City Interfaith Lay Council members

Old water filtration plant could become museum site

The future of the water treatment facility has many Boulder City residents concerned. The city has lost many of its historical buildings, and the Historic Preservation Committee has no power to keep owners from changing buildings in the historic district or even saving the water treatment facility.

Have you ever heard of a water museum? They exist, and they’re all over the world from Spain to California to Iceland to Bangladesh, New York, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Ecuador and even Russia. This means Boulder City is sitting on an exciting opportunity. The “Away for a Day” can be even more significant.

Instead of selling the water treatment facility for a commercial enterprise or a private home, Boulder City should seriously consider the possibility of a nonprofit enterprise — a water museum. Think of the advantages not only to Boulder City, but to visitors and schoolchildren. Think of it as a learning center with displays, exhibits, demonstrations and movies illustrating how water is purified; the struggle for water in certain countries; climate change and its effects on our rivers, lakes and oceans; droughts and rain; the Bureau of Reclamation; the National Park System and water; what the Las Vegas Water Authority does; the need for water conservation; drinking water; legislation; how daily demand for water affects its future availability; and much more. Grants can be sought from sources such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (New) Tamarind Foundation, National Science Foundation, Park Foundation, John Hopkins University, Panta Rhea Foundation, Waitt Foundation and UNESCO. There are scientific grant funders and organizations that are grant finders. In addition, Boulder City donors and memberships can be established.

Reflections Park remains with hopefully more sculptures added. The gardens should remain as an excellent show piece.

Boulder City cannot throw this opportunity away. It has a historic building that can be repurposed for the benefit of thousands and not just the few.

Sue Burger

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Inflation fueled by rising oil costs

What do the rising price of meat products, dairy products, vegetables, cereal and nearly everything in the hardware store, including lumber, have in common? Oil. A barrel of oil is refined into diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and aviation gas. It is utilized in manufacturing plastics, synthetic materials, asphalt, lubricants, roofing, trash bags and the list goes on. Therefore, when the cost of a barrel of oil increases, the cost of goods increases through the manufacturing or the delivery of these products.

Pipeline might save drought-ridden West

I was first introduced to Lake Mead in the summer of 1968 when my father took a job in Henderson, moving us from Long Beach, California. His boss took us to the boat ramp of the Las Vegas Wash, about 10 miles from Henderson. I spent my freshman and sophomore years at Basic High School, which is now Burkholder Middle School.

Call issued for common-sense gun laws

I had a very different column planned for this month, something light, about summer activities. Then on the day of this writing, May 24, 2022, a young man in Uvalde, Texas, took the lives of 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School. My other piece went completely out the window because I knew I needed to write about this. I am the mother of two young children, and I am terrified.

River compact needs re-evaluation

We live in Boulder City, the city that built Hoover Dam. The Boulder Canyon Project Act was the legislation creating Boulder City as well as Boulder Dam. It is located in Black Canyon adjacent to Boulder City, Nevada. The dam is now called Hoover Dam. Life is like that, isn’t it? We have our desires along with reality, don’t we?

Waste not, want not

In July 2017, Boulder City received some really great news that I wanted to share. The Southern Nevada Health District had just approved our latest landfill expansion, the second one that I helped to obtain while serving on SNHD’s board.

It’s voting time

Nevada’s 2022 primary election day is just more than two weeks away, but voting has begun. Early voting started Saturday, and mail ballots were sent May 25 to every Nevada active registered voter.

Cheers to Johnny

My bio references “another lifetime” and being a working comedian. Today I feel moved to share with you the inspiration behind working stand-up and an important anniversary just passed.

Goodbye never easy to say

Goodbyes are hard.