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Letters to the editor

Owner of family heirloom seeks its return, offers reward

My name is Julie. I was passing through Boulder City on Christmas morning when I lost a family heirloom pendant at the Terrible Herbst Gas station at 1004 Nevada Way.

The pendant is about a 6-carat aquamarine square (light blue, my birthstone) set in silver, with a 1-carat diamond (my mother’s engagement solitaire) set at the top.

My mother passed unexpectedly in September not long after she gave it to me. She absolutely beamed when she saw it on my neck and was so very proud it give it to me. I am her only daughter. I feel as though I lost her again when I lost this pendant.

I, my 79-year-old dad and son were passing through because we were had gone to Las Vegas to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which was Christmas Eve. We went because she had talked about wanting to go back to Vegas one more time.

The pendant has been seen in Boulder City. The finder, a gentleman, has done nothing wrong. He was just trying to sell it.

I don’t have a lot but can offer a $500 reward to anyone who finds it.

Many people of Boulder City have reached out on Facebook and are trying to help. There are wonderful compassionate people in Boulder City, and I am thankful for them.

You may contact me at 847-917-9080 or the Boulder City Police Department.

Thank you and God bless you.

Julie Christey Romeiser

See Spot Run appreciates help, donations for Emergency Aid

Our Emergency Aid of Boulder City food drive has been a great success. Thank you to all who donated pet food and pet-related items last December.

Overall, 256 pounds of pet food and 80 pounds of cat litter were collected, along with other miscellaneous donations.

Emergency Aid could use your help year-round. You can drop off original, unopened bags that are within their expiration date at Professional Pet Room & Groom, 707 Canyon Road, Suite 105A.

See Spot Run and Emergency Aid know firsthand how much each donation is appreciated.

Secondly, See Spot Run would like to thank all who have contributed to a successful year at the dog park. Your donations, in time with help on work days, or when needed, and monetary donations are appreciated.

Keep on being good ambassadors for the park. It takes a village to keep a clean and enjoyable place for our four-legged friends.

See you at the park.

See Spot Run

Registered agent has no relevancy to drafting ballot question

I found Dick Farmer’s letter regarding transparency surrounding the city’s discussion about a possible ballot question giving the city the opportunity to refinance debt misleading.

In the spirit of transparency, of which Farmer said he is a proponent of, it should be pointed out that as a registered agent Shawn Morris is only responsible for registering the corporation with the secretary of state once a year as is required of any limited liability corporation. Shawn Morris’ responsibility for JNA Consulting has no bearing nor relevance whatsoever on the possibility that Steve Morris might be drafting a ballot question on refinancing debt for the city.

So, I would infer from Farmer’s letter he is suggesting that the city should not consult with one of the most qualified and respected financial advisers in the state and whose business is in Boulder City, because his registered agent, who has nothing to do with the financial part of the business, is related to the acting city attorney.

I thought not only Farmer but all residents of Boulder City would be interested in this information.

Councilwoman Peggy Leavitt

Fifth-grader seeks information about Nevada for project

I am a student at Cascade Christian School and I am writing a report on the state of Nevada. We are responsible for gathering as much information as we can about our state.

If any of your readers would like to help me by sending any pictures, postcards, used license plates, facts, products, etc. from your state, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please send them to Cascade Christian School, 601 9th Ave. S.E., Puyallup, Washington, 98372.



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Come to rescue with your ideas

The city needs your help to decide how best to spend its allocation of American Rescue Plan Act funds. Signed into law on March 11, 2021, ARPA established recovery funds to assist state and local governments in their response to the impacts of COVID-19.

Barneys friendship unmatched

A former co-worker said she loved her dogs more than anyone could possibly love theirs. Preposterous, I thought. When it comes to unbridled adoration of my canine companions, I have no peer. She did, however, have the best coffee cup bearing the phrase, “The more I am around people, the more I love my dogs!” Touché.

Put out welcome mat for glampers

Tuesday night’s City Council meeting brought some welcome news in the form of a proposal to build a luxury recreational vehicle resort in town.

Knowledge of today’s world may have affected election’s outcome

Here we are on what appears to be the cusp of potential financial chaos, rising interest rates, out-of-control inflation, and ever-increasing grocery and gas prices, with no end in sight. Certainly, COVID plays a role in this scenario, and the recent war within Ukraine doesn’t help matters. However, our failed leadership is the most significant component of these uncertain times.

Ability to express self doesn’t mean you should

Last week I took my 3-year-old daughter on a walk around our neighborhood. She is learning how to read and she asks me to read her every sign she sees along the way. I’m happy to read her the street names and help her spell the word “S-T-O-P.”

City’s vision makes world better place

I’ve heard the comment from citizens. “How many solar leases are we going to have in the Eldorado Valley?” It continues to be an important issue to me since I sat with the secretary of interior, as mayor, to purchase the Eldorado Valley in 1994.

Up Boulder Creek without a pad still

Tract 350 is 45 acres of city-owned land around the north and east sides of Boulder Creek golf course. In 2010, voters approved its sale for residential development. But selling and developing that land has proved elusive.

Everybody needs good luck charm

Everyone could use a good luck charm. They could help us out on those days where a little bit of extra spiritual blessing would come in handy.

Is this heaven?

One of this columnist’s favorite movies of all time is “Field of Dreams.” And one of my favorite lines from the movie: “Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.”

Is Nevada losing its edge?

The Silver State is known for legal gambling, breathtaking Western vistas, outdoor recreation and, in certain rural counties, legal prostitution.