Letters to the Editor

Paying off town’s debt today helps build a better tomorrow

If approved, Boulder City Question No. 1 would allow the city to accelerate payment of the raw-water line debt, potentially paying it off at least eight years early and saving taxpayers almost $3.5 million in interest. It’s hard to argue with that!

But a few people have been heard to say that a little debt in a small town’s portfolio isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That’s true, too. Debt can certainly be a useful tool under some circumstances. In fact, without going into debt, Boulder City never could have increased its water-delivery capacity to keep pace with increased demand 15-plus years ago, because the raw-water line’s original price tag was well over $30 million.

But now the city has other needs, including an aging electric utility infrastructure that needs to be replaced. So getting out of debt sooner and using the savings to pay for projects like these is what makes the most sense now. Doing so will also put our community in a better financial position in the event that new debt for these or other projects needs to be considered in the future.

Boulder City voters enjoy the right to approve any city debt over $1 million. Likewise, we should empower our city leaders to reduce and retire debt when, like now, it makes good common sense to do so.

When you exercise your Constitutional right to vote, please be wise and vote Yes on Boulder City Question No. 1.

Bruce and Rose Woodbury

Roger Tobler

Will and Kelley Ferrence

Bret and Priscilla Runion

Alan and Kristy Kerner

Michael and Teresa Giroux

Chad and Jennifer Robinson

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