Letter to the Editor

Tax reform needed in American for businesses to succeed

There is no issue more important for Boulder City small businesses and their employees than comprehensive tax reform. We have an opportunity with President Donald Trump in office now to provide tax relief.

American businesses pay higher taxes than other countries. This limits our ability to expand and hire more employees while other countries have the advantage of lower taxes. We are at a tax disadvantage. Some businesses in Boulder City will face even greater challenges, when (Interstate) 11 will mostly bypass the present route for motorists traveling from Arizona to Las Vegas. We need real relief now.

Help for small businesses and our employees could be on the way. President Trump and congressmen who care about small business and our employees are scheduled to roll out a tax reform plan in September. We have waited, with no relief expected over the last eight years, for Congress to slash tax rates for businesses of all sizes and for individual taxpayers.

They are also expected to streamline the tax code, which hasn’t seen real reform in 30 years.

This will help small businesses be more competitive in the world economy and to create the jobs our new president promised. I have always thought that people know how to spend their money more effectively than Washington. The free market actually works when given the opportunity.

Keeping costs down for businesses is important work. We need Sen. Dean Heller and other Nevadans in D.C. to roll up their sleeves and act like Republicans. They can pass tax reform which is comprehensive and permanent that will benefit everyone who works, or wants to work. Many Boulder City citizens are counting on some real statesmen to turn our economy around and deliver relief to every working taxpayer.

Jon Barth

Barth Electronics

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