Letter to the Editor

City needs to entice young people to move here

In response to Mayor (Rod) Woodbury’s (column) concerning our dwindling population: I’m all for growth in the right directions, too, but how about proposing a solution instead of merely pointing out the obvious?

Young families simply cannot afford to live here. Homes are priced way too high. Add that to the dearth of convenient (and reasonable) grocery shopping alternatives, and it’s not shocking that people are buying in Henderson.

Your groundbreaking suggestion to “look at our growth policies” ain’t gonna cut it, Mr. Mayor. How about if we look at ways to entice young people to start their families here? The rest of the solution just might follow. Just my opinion.

Lyn Daugherty

Quiet, tranquil spots more difficult to find

Noise is a poison that adversely affects our mental health and well-being. Quiet is the antidote that is getting harder and harder to find.

The other day I tried to escape from leaf-blower man by going to the park. Nice try. The city maintenance crews were busy causing their own racket while doing landscaping at that same park.

Where do we find peace and quiet? What has happened to old-fashioned tranquility? Loud, oppressive sound systems, with thumping base, can — and do — disturb entire segments of town.

There is one restaurant in Boulder City that closes off the street and pollutes a wide swath with its loud, obnoxious rock bands, which is tries to pawn off as entertainment. Disturbing large numbers of innocent people means nothing to the owners of this restaurant.

Try setting up a loud block party with blasting rock bands in the street in front of one of their Mormon temples and see how they’d like it. Or better yet, set up a loud rock party in the street in front of their homes in the neighborhood where they live. They wouldn’t stand for this. They feel they have the right to invade your peace and quiet, but disturbing their quiet time in their posh secluded neighborhoods would not be tolerated.

Bobby Morrow

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