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Human presence essential for meaningful conversation

For those I speak to in person, I am better able to receive kindness, love and meaning. The consciousness of the soul is available from our hearts. For those who are willing to continue to communicate in person, there can continue to be love flowing from the hearts of each person in any conversation.

As the world becomes more frenetic, more confusion and loneliness are arising where there could be more love and healing. All it takes is avoidance of forms of communication on screens while replacing screen time with human presence.

The Netflix movie “Social Dilemma” very clearly outlined the genesis of the problem. Programs developed for use on the internet have been written to addict users to the screens.

In order to describe how meaning is derived, communication must be understood. Each of us has our own meaning associated with the reality each holds, don’t we? To effectively communicate, it helps to carry a relative point of view, doesn’t it? When communication is primarily face-to-face, our bodies are able to convey subtle messages to receivers. Therefore, while communicating remotely, much of a message that used to engender the clarification of both the problem and resolution of meaning is not fully received. It is through the repetitive offering of a similar point of view in person that meaning for any group, culture or nation can be created.

Remote communication should never interfere with any conversation which could be made available from the heart of another, in person. Since the advent of cellphones, the importance of face-to-face, interpersonal communication is being ignored. We are no longer available the way we have been for each other, are we? The heart in consciousness is not available from a cellphone like it is from one person to another in person. Now that much of our communication is remote, healing love as well as meaning are less available.

It is obvious that there are profound consequences associated with the lack of capability to create meaning. A collective understanding is also becoming less available, isn’t it? The evidence is all around us in the USA; political polarization, ideologically based positions, and the desire to serve an idea instead of resolving a problem. Certain forms of governance may no longer be as representative, including democracy, since democracy requires advocacy in person with all relative points of view examined as well as considered to be effective.

In order to create understanding, the item to be discussed needs to be defined so that all involved in the discussion carry a similar understanding. Once this happens, there is less disagreement on the resolution of any issues.

The book “iGen” by Jean M. Twenge reflects the loss of our humanity to screen time. It is most obvious in the iGen, those born 1995 and later. Why is that? The iGen grew up with cellphones while never experiencing a time without the internet. The loss of our humanity can be rectified since human beings can continue to speak in person, can’t they?

There have been a number of books and there will likely be a number of research projects concerning our loss of human nature. Human beings require other human beings and relationships. That can be seen as the genesis of our humanity, can’t it?

Humanity can only fully be human in a person-to-person interaction. Therefore, humanity is being extracted from humankind by the internet. Since each of us is consciousness communicating to another who is also consciousness, we can only receive that which we cherish from the presence of others. Most of the love arising from a conversation happens in the presence of another since body language is most of what refines and clarifies messages flowing from the heart. Touch can also provide a message of love with a handshake or a hug.

I learned from my parents and their friends, who were the greatest generation, love expressed from the interest they demonstrated toward me. These adults spoke to me in person with presence reflected in their gestures, bodies and faces. I am grateful that the consciousness that I am was developed in the presence of these human beings.

There is no love without human presence. Indeed, the consciousness of our children cannot fully be developed without the presence of human beings demonstrating their love. Unfortunately, the iGen is the first generation of Americans who received much less of this presence. Love is now and always will be the answer.

The opinions expressed above belong solely to the author and do not represent the views of the Boulder City Review. They have been edited solely for grammar, spelling and style, and have not been checked for accuracy of the viewpoints.

Eric Lundgaard is president of the Aquarian Theosophy Foundation and former mayor of Boulder City.

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