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Double the news, double the benefits

There was a commercial played during the Super Bowl on Sunday about pizza delivery from Little Caesars being the next best thing since sliced bread. The announcement put everyone at the Sliced Bread Headquarters into a tizzy and caused a major upset in operations as they tried to find a way to outdo the new delivery service.

We, here at the Boulder City Review, have our own delivery announcement that has the potential to make waves in the way people read the newspaper. We have launched an E-edition.

You may ask, “What is an E-edition?” It’s an exact replica of the printed newspaper delivered electronically. It includes all the news articles, photographs and advertisements featured in our newspaper each week, something you don’t get to see when you read stories on our website.

Obviously, our announcement that the Boulder City Review can now be seen electronically is not earth-shattering, but it is a big deal — a really big deal.

It means you can read the newspaper anytime of the day anywhere you are. It can be accessed from your computer, your tablet and your cellphone. And, if you know you will be offline in the near future, you can download the pages to read later.

Looking for news? It’s there. Want opinions? We have ’em. Wondering what’s happening with the sports teams at Boulder City High School? That’s there, too, as are profiles of local residents, updates on area businesses and recommendations to keep you entertained each weekend.

Can you tell we’re a bit excited about this?

We love the idea that snowbirds can continue to remain in touch with all the news and events here in town while they are traveling. Or that young adults who move away to attend college will have the ability to follow the activities from their alma mater.

While the ability to have a hard copy mailed to you throughout the U.S. remains, accessing the E-edition provides up-to-the-minute news. There’s no more waiting a week for it to come via the postal service.

Personally, after having several articles of clothing and shoes ruined by the ink used to print the paper, we can appreciate the clean nature of reading the newspaper electronically.

Accessing the E-edition is easy. Just head to www.bouldercityreview.com and look at the far right on the blue title bar at the top of the page. It’s right there next to the search function. Just click on the link and it will launch the E-edition.

The first time you open it, a tutorial will begin explaining the various features and options for finding just what you are looking for. It will only take a minute or two and it’s well worth the time.

Getting the E-edition is a bonus for our current newspaper subscribers. You get two methods of delivery for the price of one.

Readers are not the only ones benefiting from the electronic version. Advertisers also are getting double the exposure for the same cost as putting an ad in the print edition.

Currently, anyone can access our E-edition, but this is only for a limited time. Just like the samples at Costco, this preview period will allow you to taste — or experience — all the E-edition has to offer at no cost.

It is expected that it will be available exclusively to subscribers within the next few weeks. Details are being ironed out as we work out any kinks in the operating system.

If you do not subscribe and would like to, just call our office at 702-823-1457 or click on the link on our website.

Either way you prefer to read your news, you get the benefit of our years of experience in putting out an award-winning community newspaper. As always, we remain focused on providing you with the most comprehensive coverage as possible of happenings in the city.

Hali Bernstein Saylor is editor of the Boulder City Review. She can be reached at hsaylor@bouldercityreview.com or at 702-586-9523. Follow @HalisComment on Twitter.

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