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Boulder City staff encourages resident feedback

Feedback is one of the most valuable things we can receive in local government. We are always eager to hear from Boulder City residents and business owners.

In January for example, we heard from property owners regarding the Feeder 53 utility project along San Felipe Drive.

For background, the Feeder 53 project dramatically improves the reliability of the electric service for all homes served in the vicinity. By installing an underground distribution feeder along San Felipe Drive and Mendota Drive from Adams Boulevard to Georgia Avenue and tying the feeder into the existing lateral at the four locations, a feeder tie between Substation 3 and Substation 5 is created, which improves service reliability through redundant power in the area.

Feedback on the Feeder 53 project was received through the Boulder City Review, letters to the editor, and other editorials. Additionally, staff received various letters and neighborhood signatures urging the City to consider changes to the project.

We listened. Our excellent city engineering staff does great work; however, plans in an established area can certainly introduce concerns. Luckily, there was the opportunity to incorporate resident input in the final project.

Based on the feedback, I reached out and spoke to the resident leading the charge for change and sent a letter detailing the City’s plans for changes to all the property owners. We made several adjustments based on resident feedback, removing excess bollards, removing the sizeable reflective signage from all bollards protecting the new electrical infrastructure and adding reflective tape instead of the signs to provide nighttime safety. At this time, we’re working to move some obstructions in conflict with one resident’s RV access road.

In exactly one month, the City went from receiving negative feedback on the project to receiving several positive letters and verbal compliments. By listening and responding to resident concerns, the city demonstrated how we can be flexible and responsive to community needs.

Reflecting on the San Felipe project experience, I began thinking about my role as a customer and how I provide feedback. Each of us has experienced opportunities to fill out customer feedback surveys. However, I rarely do because of the time it takes to fill them out. I also realized that when I do provide feedback it is for an exceptionally positive experience, or a negative one. With that in mind, I began to think about how we can make it easier for our customers — the residents, and businesses of Boulder City — to share their experience with city staff.

You’ve probably never noticed that we have a customer feedback box outside the Community Development Department in City Hall. I walk by it every day, multiple times a day, and barely notice it. In the special City Council meeting on March 8th, the Council reviewed the FY24 City Manager’s recommended budget. A small amount of funds is dedicated toward a more robust customer feedback system. The idea is that whenever a resident, visitor, or business owner interacts with the City (either in person, on the phone or electronically), they can provide meaningful feedback. Multiple survey pages are often too much of a time commitment, so this would be a short yet effective tool to receive more feedback on how we are doing.

Until that feedback tool is implemented and announced, you can still provide your feedback using SeeClickFix. For example, SeeClickFix is useful if there’s an issue like a streetlight out, property nuisance, water waste, etc. You can find SeeClickFix on our homepage at www.bcnv.org by clicking the “Report a Concern” button. If the feedback you’d like to provide that doesn’t fit into that application, I welcome you to email me.

City staff wants to hear from you, help you, and continue our quest to make Boulder City the best place to live, work, and experience enjoyment in Southern Nevada.

Taylour Tedder is the city manager of Boulder City. He can be reached via email at ttedder@bcnv.org.

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