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Books and bacon: Library’s winning combination

I have been a fan of books and libraries for as long as I can remember.

Reading can take me on an adventure far or near without ever leaving the comfort of home. I have traveled back in time to Revolutionary days, spent time in a rabbit warren, learned about the principles dictating robots’ operations and discovered uncharted territories while reading.

I have enjoyed everything from classics to new releases, selecting books from school reading lists, recommendations from friends or just because the title or cover art caught my attention.

Libraries, of course, and their staff members also can offer suggestions, which is a good thing because the libraries themselves house thousands of books.

That’s fortunate for us. Can you imagine having to find a place in your home to store all those books? Because of libraries, we can read to our heart’s content. Just check it out, read it and return it for someone else to enjoy. No bookshelves required.

And the best part is there is no cost to obtain a library card. In fact, there’s no cost to check out anything.

As I have gotten older, libraries have remained a great place to visit, filled with all sorts of wonderful resources. The Boulder City Library is no exception.

Today’s libraries offer so much more than just books — although they continue to be the best source for that. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, you are likely to find something interesting to read every time you visit. And if you are looking for something specific, it can always be reserved if it’s not readily available.

Did you know the library also has a selection of board games, cake pans, cookie cutters and garden tools you can check out?

The library’s resources are not limited to items that can be checked out and used at home. It also provides a place to gather with like-minded folks for book clubs, groups that focus on STEAM principles, arts and crafts sessions and story times to instill the love of books in young children.

But, wait, there’s more. The library also hosts entertaining events such as movie screenings, concerts and one-man plays.

And keeping with its purpose as an educational resource, it offers classes. These can be on a variety of topics, including finances, sewing and cooking.

Saturday I attended one of those classes. Samantha Bigger, head of information services, shared her passion for making bacon. In less than an hour, she taught those assembled the secrets to curing and cooking the meat. After sampling her creation, I’m ready to put my newfound skills to the test.

It’s been said that bacon makes everything better. I would have to agree.

Although I certainly could have learned the technique from reading a book, Saturday’s class showcased the best the library has to offer — a tasty combination of information and entertainment.

Hali Bernstein Saylor is editor of the Boulder City Review. She can be reached at hsaylor@bouldercityreview.com or at 702-586-9523. Follow @HalisComment on Twitter.

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