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Positive actions net positive results

Boulder City is fortunate in having great residents. To keep our community great, we need to focus on positive action. Haven’t you ever heard “Birds of a feather flock together”?

Well, keeping that in mind, a positive group action attracts positive results. By no means am I trying to explain a scientific study, so please don’t take it out of context.

The Boulder City Police Department is committed to protecting and serving Boulder City. It’s essential for the community to be involved to maintain a safe, ordered and positive Boulder City. If you see, hear or believe something appears illegal, out of place or just doesn’t look right, please call us. There are only about 30 of us, but there are about 15,000-plus residents in our town. Help us keep Boulder City as Boulder City.

Let’s go fight crime, “Control 269, I’ll be 10-8 in service.”

Jan. 26. A person reports two subjects were hiding in the area of Del Rey Drive. The caller reports hearing a female say she has to hide, so we don’t find her. Officers arrive and learn the subjects were gone on arrival. By the way, yes we know who they are. We didn’t get the couple today; we found them and arrested them on warrants a couple of days later. You can hide for a minute, but time is on our side.

Jan. 28. Officers get to the homes across the street from the A&W Restaurant. A person reports a person nearby, who was drinking at a downtown watering hole, was intoxicated and making threats. Officers make contact with the intoxicated male and determine the complaint was unfounded. A good night’s sleep will hopefully filter out some of the go-go juice.

Jan. 29. Officers respond to the area of Wyoming Street near California Street regarding an accident. After making contact with the driver, officers learn the driver had just left an after-hours joint. After a couple of roadside sobriety tests, like walking the chalk, officers determine the Henderson Detention Center will have an additional visitor. Be smart and sober, don’t drink and drive.

Jan. 31. Officers spot a subject bebopping across the parking lot of Albertsons. After checking the subject through the criminal database, officers learn the subject was arrested for discharging a firearm about eight months ago. The subject was found to be carrying a concealed 7-inch buck knife and a concealed loaded .40 caliber handgun in his waistband. A scary moment for officers turns out to be a safe outcome for the community. In today’s world, anything is possible. Clark County Detention Center is plus one.

Feb. 1. Officers are dispatched to a road rage incident coming into Boulder City from Arizona. The caller reports two cars were fast and furious and one of the drivers brandished a handgun. The caller backs off and officers respond to the area near Temple Rock Road. It appears the vehicles turned off on Lakeshore Road. FYI, just take it easy out there driving; you never know how irrational people can get.

May you have a wonderful week ahead. To all the guys out there, take care of your sweetheart; Valentine’s is around the corner. One more thing: six more weeks of winter. Bah humbug!

Officer Jeffrey Grasso is a 10-year veteran of the Boulder City Police Department. He previously served as a police officer in south Florida for four years.

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