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Boulder Beach cleanup a big success

Mother Nature often needs a helping hand these days, and thanks to a cleanup this past Friday, that’s exactly what happened.

A beach cleanup, organized by Dam Proud and the BC Climate Action, saw more than a dozen people lending that hand and in the end, according to the National Park Service, nearly 600 pounds of trash were removed from Boulder Beach.

“Honestly, when initially organizing this, I braced myself to arrive to an empty parking lot with just me and Anna, the National Park Service volunteer coordinator,” said Brynn deLorimier, a member of both organizing groups. “I am humbled and overwhelmed. There was a great turnout for our inaugural cleanup event, in the most brutally hot season, before sunrise, and on a weekday.”

Others who helped felt the same.

“It seriously was the best thing I’ve done all year,” said Devon Tilman.

George Rhee, a UNLV professor and founder of BC Climate Action group, added, “I was surprised at the amount of crap piling up on the beaches. I usually camp at out-of-the-way places where there is less mess. It was a real success.”

Dam Proud is a new group but its members unanimously agreed cleanup events such as this one are a huge priority.

“Our goal is to hold one monthly, in different places around our community, organized by different members of our group each month,” Brynn deLorimier said. “Many suggestions have been made already, so it sounds like we’ll have no shortage of future cleanup events.

“I spoke with the National Park Service about scheduling such an event and learned they don’t find many cleanup volunteers in summer, at the time of greatest need. Challenge accepted. We set our alarm clocks for 5 a.m. to meet down at the beach before sunrise.”

Those wishing to help during the next cleanup, which has been tentatively scheduled for September, can do so by emailing DamProudBC@gmail.com for more information.

Not a pint-sized decision

Monday, the Boulder Dam Brewing Company posted something on Facebook that was unlike their normal posts about a new seasonal beer, upcoming band or their popular game nights. It was something they hoped they would never have to announce – their closure.

Turf reduction sees pushback

The second public meeting regarding the proposed reduction in turf at the Boulder City Municipal Golf Course was envisioned as the kind of input-lite that the first meeting back in April was. But the packed room at the Elaine K. Smith Building on Monday wasn’t having it.

Chamber event hosts members, special guest

When Boulder City Chamber of Commerce CEO Jill Rowland Lagan was introducing videos from those speaking on behalf of the chamber, few expected to see a former president doing so.

Dollar Tree closer to opening

If there was any doubt that the former 99 Cents Only Store in Boulder City would soon become a Dollar Tree, recently-placed signs should answer that question.

Public weighs in on proposed annexation of private land

For the last several months, Acting City Manager Michael Mays told the council that city staff has been working with the owners of a small plot of land in the Eldorado Valley who have requested annexation. In other words, they would like to be a part of Boulder City.

Salon owner has no plans to retire

Whether it’s been hairstyles to resemble Farrah Fawcett and Dorothy Hamill in the 1970s, Princess Diana or Madonna in the 1980s, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears of the 1990s to those hot styles of today, Jo Ann Beneda has seen them all.

Bobcat bake sale

Ron Eland/Boulder City Review

Lagan’s sights set on Paris

In less than three weeks, Lexi Lagan will be competing in her second Summer Olympic Games with a collective cheer of support from her hometown of Boulder City.

But is there really a shortage?

Getting Boulder City out of a more than decade-long stretch where no city manager has lasted as long as it takes a student to graduate from BCHS was the overriding theme of discussion at this week’s city council meeting.