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Voting essential to being part of community

I’m old enough to remember a time when adults were the authority on everything. If you were a kid, what you said didn’t really matter, because the adults knew best. As a teenager, this was changing, and authority was being questioned.

Attitude adjustment happens

Attitude … Ask anyone who knows me whether I’m in their “like” or “can’t stand her” category, and they’ll tell you I have attitude. But all of us have it. Some of us simply express it more openly.

Helping families is promise we should make

Quite often, I get a phone call or an email about a person or a family in need of housing, or a job, or a few bucks to pay the rent or the electric bill, or money to get a prescription or pay a doctor or dentist bill. I’ve even run into folks who needed money to get their driver’s licenses renewed.

Without voting,anti-government complaints just fluff

I spent the first 45 years of my life in Chicago, with only a few brief months living in California and studying in Mexico. I grew up immersed in political activity. There were weeks of nonstop “buzz” surrounding each and every election, so naturally, I thought that was how one was supposed to act during an election. And voting was an absolute must.

Keep your house in order by voting

“That’s our house,” I hollered. I was referring to our very own City Hall. That building was my home for many years. I often spent more time in City Hall than I did in my own house.

Study issues, candidates before heading to polls

You can disagree with me, but since we’re all human, and we live in societies governed by humans, we should attempt to discuss issues with each other. We won’t always agree, but we should take a stab at learning what we have in common before we refuse to take the time to dismiss each other’s positions.

Partnership offers families promises of hope

I don’t know exactly how I heard about Family Promise of Las Vegas, a nonprofit organization that helps families move from the street, or their car, or crammed in with relatives or having the family separated and living in shelters. I do know that as each year passes, this organization and its volunteers bring comfort to many and enrich the entire community.

American dream alive as long as there’s hope

The other day, while changing TV channels, I stopped when I heard a young woman announce that 60 percent of the American people don’t believe in the American dream. Now before you tell me to fact-check that number, forget about it. I want to take a look at the American dream.

Humans without labels makes world better place

Recently, I had a business meeting with a person who happens to be my friend. The conversation turned to people acting one way in their professional or work life and another way at home or with friends and family.

Days gone by not so good

It never bothers me to share my age. Generally, I don’t think about turning 65, but there are times when it becomes quite apparent that I’m older than many folks I interact with on a daily basis.

Even paradise has its problems

Igrew up in a household filled with strong, realistic Italian-American women. Words of praise and encouragement did not flow freely from their lips. They called it the way they saw it, and there were no celebrations for getting all A’s on a report card or being chosen for the church choir. These women were about work and food and guilt.

Project helps parents find solutions

Since I began working as the Boulder City coordinator of the Nevada Community Prevention Coalition in July of 2013, I’ve been taking a closer, or maybe, more serious look at kids and parents in Boulder City.

A little attitude adjusting goes a long way

Forty years ago this month, I went to a political rally in Chicago at a well-known gathering place called Wozniak’s. Countless Chicago Democrats frequented this bar and restaurant to talk politics and raise a glass or two. If you were a patronage worker or one within the inner circles of the “Daley Machine,” you knew Wozniak’s.

It's time to let your
voice be heard

The other day, I spent 90 minutes online watching the Prevention Institute webinar, “Cultivating Prevention Champions: Making the Case to Local Elected Officials.” Although I’m someone who calls and writes elected officials regularly, I found the webinar well worthwhile.

Together, parents and teachers can build love of education

Saying I loved going to school never made me the most popular kid in the class or on the block, but I loved going and learning. I especially loved elementary school when Mr. Pelligrini took Sister Henrica’s place and taught history, geography and current events. Watching “Meet the Press” and PBS programs were homework. We’d have discussions and get excited about what we were learning.

Need for food deliverers for homebound dire

Picture yourself at home, alone. Because of your failing eyesight, you can’t drive. From time to time, your arthritis is so painful you can’t get out of bed. Your spouse of 57 years has passed away. Your children live in three different states, with the closest being 750 miles away.

Sometimes we need to pause before speaking of others

“Be Kind ... It Takes All Of Us” is the theme of Boulder City’s 65th annual Damboree Parade. Those words got me thinking about not only how we treat each other but also how connected we are to everyone. What we say and how we say it not only affects everyone we talk to but also what we get back from them.

BC just scratched surface on community good

Being from a Chicago neighborhood that grew out of a tradition of being more than a little rough around the edges, and adding just the right amount of my familial, Sicilian cynicism, has made me the outspoken, in-your-face kind of person I am today.

Is a family event the best site for a gun show?

The first thing I do every morning is check my email. Two Sundays ago, there a was a message from a trusted friend telling me there was going to be a gun show in Boulder City during the Spring Jamboree. And it was going to be held in both Parks and Recreation Department gyms.