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IRS scams more common this time of year

It’s tax time again and the scammers are busy. (I could have so much fun with that one statement but I’ll just pass it by for today.) Telephone scams and email phishing are the two most common types of tax scams.

Proper numbers reduce unneeded phone calls

I have been asked to provide a short list of contact numbers to help eliminate the unneeded calls to the police department. I have compiled a few for you to cut, clip and post in a prominent location:

Identity theft most common type of fraud

The most often type of fraud reported these days is identity theft. There are some things you can do to reduce your risk, services that provide a service to monitor your credit, and ways to report and recover from this crime.

Being aware helps keep you safe

Let me provide some information that might help you close up loopholes in your private lives that may make you a crime victim. Naivety is a thing of the past; we should all should focus on acquiring skills in risk management, strategic living and, above all else, using wisdom.

Do your research before selecting nursing home

Do you know what a nursing home is? A nursing home, also known as a skilled nursing facility, is a place for people who don’t need to be in a hospital but no longer can be cared for at home. This can include people with critical injuries or serious illnesses, or those needing care after surgery.

Tips will help you prevent becoming victim of crime

The purpose of this information is to close some of the loopholes in people’s private lives that may make it easier for them to become a victim of crime. Naivety is a thing of the past and all members of society should concentrate on acquiring skills in risk management, strategic living and, above all else, wisdom.

Investigations help uncover true story

This is our final week on the subject of bias and how it impacts all of our lives. We have been looking specifically at: implicit, preconceived beliefs; explicit, personal preference; and illicit, breaking standards.