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Pavement markings indicate where to drive

I’ve had a few requests for information regarding lane markings and their meanings. There are a few things that I am sure of about this issue: 1. That every driver’s test requires knowledge of these markings, 2. That the majority of people driving on the road today know and obey those markings and, 3. The ones that do will and those that don’t won’t — ever.

Law aims to reduce drunken driving

The Boulder City Police Department is unsure how the recently signed bill by Governor Brian Sandoval tightening driving restrictions for those convicted of driving under the influence will work, as it does not become law until next year.

Driscoll honored for saving 1-year-old

A mother recently came through her own personal tragedy of not being able to save her daughter knowing she had done everything she could when she saved the life of boy while on duty with the Boulder City Police Department.

Call 911 only in true emergencies

Please help us reduce the abuse of the 911 Emergency Call System. A dispatcher’s job is to keep our responders and the public safe. When our lines are tied up by people who abuse the system, we are unable to help those in dire need of our help.

Use medications as directed; take time to understand prescriptions

Adults over the age of 65 tend to take more medicines than any other age group. Staying on track with a medication regimen is not always easy. With each addition to that regimen, the risk of making a mistake increases. It’s important to take an active role in tracking your medications.

Shelter plays big role in finding homes for pets

Wow, the animal shelter has been experiencing a “cat-tastic” month and they are inviting you to join the fun. I have inside information from the kitten-cuddling seniors that the babies are beautiful and getting more and more user friendly as the days go by.

Domestic situations often turn volatile

Most begin to explain the domestic issue like this: In the beginning, it was perfect, awesome, wonderful, the best. Of course, it was. Otherwise, there would never be a reason for the call today; the relationship would have died a natural death at that point. He (or she) is a felon, a drug dealer, a thief, an abuser, etc., and I’m afraid of them now.