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Veterans promote 7th Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway

Each Christmas there are several organizations that sponsor toy drives to help less-fortunate families give presents to their children. The Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots may be the most visible, but there are smaller groups that also help local families.

In the spirit of giving and spreading holiday cheer, the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce hosted its 7th Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway, bringing smiles to the faces of children from military families across Southern Nevada. The event saw the donation of more than 1,500 toys that the chamber valued at an impressive $45,000. The gesture aimed to bring joy and festive spirit to the young hearts not only residing in Boulder City, but also in Bunker, Goodsprings, Henderson, Jean, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, Moapa, Mount Charleston, North Las Vegas, Primm, and Searchlight.

Parents and guardians signed up on the chamber website. The organization held two giveaway events where kids and teens picked out unwrapped toys. Andre’ Haynes, the founder and CEO of the Armed Forces Chamber, expressed his gratitude about the event saying, “We’re dedicated to supporting our military families, especially during the holiday season. Our annual Christmas Toy Giveaway is a small gesture of appreciation for the sacrifices these families make. Seeing the joy on the faces of the children we serve is truly heartwarming.”

The donation of toys brought happiness to families who often face unique challenges due to the nature of military life. With spouses serving in various capacities and locations, military families endure long periods of separation, and the holiday season can be particularly challenging for both parents and children. It’s interesting to note that Haynes is not a veteran, but said he formed the chamber in order to provide patriotic support to the veteran community. The toy giveaway is only one of several events the group sponsors. “The Armed Forces Chamber donation aimed to alleviate some of the stress and bring a sense of normalcy and joy to these families,” he explained. “The event highlighted the importance of community support in making the holiday season brighter for those who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation.” He can be reached at ah@armedforceschamber.com

Chuck N. Baker is an award-winning journalist and a Vietnam War Purple Heart veteran. He can currently be heard hosting “Real Estate Cabaret” Sundays at 2:30 p.m. streaming on the internet via “OverTheHumpRadio.com”

Not on my turf

In early April, the City Council heard a presentation by Lage Design about staff’s recommended option to remove 35% of the turf at the Boulder City Municipal Golf Course.

I-11 is NOT the Autobahn

When the I-11 highway opened almost six years ago, it alleviated much of the heavy traffic congestion through Boulder City. But this beautiful expanse of open road brought with it a sense that “opening up” and putting the pedal to the metal is OK. It’s not.

New law shapes golf course design

I like golf. While I was in college, I decided to take a class in golf – you could call it a “golf course” course. I figured it would be a great way to relax, enjoy nature, and (maybe) boost my grade point average at the same time! For a semester, I learned the basics: how to drive, chip, putt. It was enjoyable. Many of my classmates that semester had been golfing for years. They were better than me, but I was determined to get a good grade out of the class.

The art of communication in consciousness

For Memorial Day I am exploring human consciousness with you. Many misunderstandings have been fought over the lack of a mutual perspective among the parties involved. What better gift is there than one that assists in the art of communication? My work in formulating the discipline of Aquarian Theosophy has led me to the following understanding of humanities’ reality; consciousness is the basis of understanding.

Alumni events, marriage and a real Nazi

Ron’s column from a few weeks ago inspired me to tell a story about a weird event from my past. Mine is not as exciting as his in that there is no wrestler named Silo Sam. But there is at least one Nazi. And, no, not the current “I disagree with your politics so you are a Nazi” version. An actual card-carrying member of the party.

Las Vegas Veterans’ Memorial to Boulder City?

Veterans’ memorials can be found all over the Silver State. They are well deserved. They honor individuals who served the nation, and also commemorate battles and events regarding the many military anniversaries in Nevada.

City manager bids fond farewell

I may be leaving Boulder City, but it was not an easy decision. From the first time I came in and met the staff and community leaders, I saw a city filled with people who truly care about where they live and work. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to work with some incredible people.

Is the grass always greener?

Many people in the past played a golf game to cement a business deal, didn’t they? They also played golf to socialize. Has Boulder City recognized lessening play on golf courses? Or, from another perspective, what happens when million-dollar homes are placed around our open space golf course with views of the McCullough Mountains? Do fewer people play golf on the Boulder Creek golf course?