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Trump doesn’t require reality to act

Updated January 19, 2021 - 10:40 am

Is America finally able to understand the consciousness of Donald Trump based on his behavior? To assist, I am able to ascertain the consciousness of human beings according to Theosophical tradition.

Human behavior arises from consciousness. Trump is the sixth ray of consciousness, the ray of interaction. This ray of consciousness can be effective rhetorically. However, it does not require reality to speak and act. America has never had a sixth ray of consciousness president. It is a minority ray of consciousness.

The USA is most accustomed to the second ray of consciousness point of view. As the majority ray of consciousness, it is continuously culturally available in a more caring fashion.

The Republican Party seems enamored with Trump. The last great hero of the Republican Party was Ronald Reagan, who was the seventh ray of consciousness. He was known as the “great communicator.” Donald Trump can be seen as the “great fabricator.” Fabrication of reality in government creates chaos. Trump is adept at making stuff up continuously.

For continuity, I will offer another historic world leader who was the sixth ray of consciousness: Benito Mussolini from the 1930s and ’40s in Italy. From relative obscurity, he became the emperor of Italy in five years.

On a day which would have seen the Senate of the United States of America counting the electoral college votes of each state as a perfunctory act, chaos broke out in Washington, D.C. Five Americans lost their lives due to these events.

Encouraged numerous times by Trump, armed gangs of miscreants broke into the Congress of the United States of America, halting the process of counting votes. In the Senate, Republican members of Congress were questioning the validity of the election in the state of Arizona.

Not only has the Senate never questioned the validity of electoral college voting by the states, neither has Congress questioned the rights and sovereignty of states in administering the elections.

America is deeply troubled at this time. It is perilous since it is both confusing and disruptive to government. It can be directly attributed to Donald Trump’s sixth ray of consciousness behavior. Additionally, Republican senators and congressmen are questioning the sovereignty of the judicial system of America that has been used by Trump over 60 times to ascertain the validity of the elections. These challenges failed.

Remembering that Donald Trump does not require reality to speak, it is easy to see that him losing 60 times in court is likely to be more relevant than his fabrications about the election.

Since the presidency of Reagan, the Republican Party, more and more, has avoided working with the Democrats to resolve the problems of the USA. The inevitable result of not compromising with others to resolve problems is the creation of resolute ideologies.

Internet communication has only exacerbated the problem of conveying meaning. Humanity transfers meaning effectively only in person. President Trump also claims to be superior to the laws of the United States of America. America has always been a nation of laws, not personalities.

Many things are at play, including the social media accounts of Donald Trump, which are suspended for now. Social media giants can see Donald Trump’s statements as false.

At least the business community is aware of the lies that this president is capable of creating. At the direction of Trump, the GOP is apparently willing to usurp the right of the citizens to be represented by states in choosing a president. That is autocracy, not democracy. The GOP has engineered a new form of government when they decided to usurp the sovereignty of states’ elections. That is a borderline seditious act on the part of the Republican members of Congress at the behest of Donald Trump.

Eric Lundgaard is president of the Aquarian Theosophy Foundation.

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