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John L. Smith

Snubbed pot shops inclined to sue

From the news coming out of Washoe County, you’d almost think there’s a glaucoma epidemic erupting at Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village.

Priest’s passion for peace worth remembering

His name graces an otherwise forgettable street that stretches nine short blocks in downtown Las Vegas.

Song for children could ready them for life in Silver State

The bill drafts are flying in Carson City, where for the past 150 years legislators have been deeply concerned about the future of our neediest children.

Motorists would be wise to keep Samaritan around

It was half-past pumpkin pie time early Thanksgiving evening when Larry Lyon began the trip from a friend’s house in Kyle Canyon down State Route 157 toward the lights of Las Vegas.

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Assembly speaker’s actions say volumes

The recent Republican earthquake in Nevada continues to reverberate within the GOP’s Assembly caucus and across the state.

Love of language forges friendship

KINGMAN, Ariz. — The very mention of his sun-bleached hometown made Charlie Waters smile and always brought to mind a story.

Formidable odds thwart frustrated secessionists

With the rapid approach of the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s statehood, this might be an awkward time to ask the question. But here goes:

Water as precious as Comstock’s ore

If you think Nevada faces a water crisis today, imagine how residents of booming Virginia City must have felt back in the 1870s when their fickle sources began to run dry.

Solution to water woes may be an ocean away

Instead of looking north for an abundant source of water for future growth in Southern Nevada, should officials be scouting West?

Plan to pipe in water springs new leak

The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s expensive plan to pipe water from Northern Nevada and western Utah to Las Vegas Valley spigots appears to have sprung another leak.

Eureka’s wealth comes from more than mines

When the smoke from its busy ore smelters covered half the Diamond Mountains with a prosperous shroud, Eureka was known as “the Pittsburgh of the West.” That was a high compliment in the 1800s.