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John L. Smith

Nevada mined for different shimmering substance

Tourists steering north on Interstate 15 from California have long been greeted by undeniable symbols that they were visiting a place apart when they approached the state line and entered Nevada.

Wild horse debate trots along

Consider the plight of the West’s wild horses long enough, and at some point you’ll probably find yourself asking the question: Should the animals be protected, left to roam without rules or removed from the range?

Trappers up in arms over column

Trappers might be the keepers of an antiquated craft, but they all seem to have Internet access.

Fur will fly if activists take on trapping

Nevada’s feral dogs and alley cats have no shortage of friends. Heaven help you if you’re caught abusing a lowly canine or hungry feline.

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Readers have beaver fever

Tap out a few hundred words on some local mobster, and I can expect several phone calls — at least one of them life-threatening.

Time for independent conservatives to be heard

Sip a cup of coffee in any cafe from Searchlight to Jackpot, and before you ask the waitress for a refill you’re likely to hear something about conservative politics in Nevada.

Elusive beaver strays far from Lake Mead

Travel through Nevada long enough, and you’ll see some remarkable things.

Radio gold found at Trail’s End

ELKO — Some folks mourn the loss of a favorite hunting dog. Others sigh when a big-hearted horse passes on to eternal pastures. I’ve even heard of fellows that miss their ex-mothers-in-law.

Dedication preserves Tonopah Army Air Field’s history

Whenever I find myself driving on the solitary stretch of U.S. Highway 95 outside Tonopah, I often wonder what the boom years were like.

Nevadan takes art of collection to new level

They say the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem, and as he addressed Sunday’s gathering at the Nevada State Museum Wally Cuchine almost gleefully acknowledged his addiction. He is an unabashedly compulsive collector of art from Nevada and the West.

There is something about spirit of Goldfield

GOLDFIELD — It’s a question most travelers ask themselves sooner or later when they reach a new destination whether it’s in the heart of the big city or way out in the middle of Nevada: What would it be like to live here?

Area 51 research center reopens, museum ready soon

A galvanized metal giant with the other-worldly noggin welcomes all peaceful beings from throughout the universe to the Alien Research Center, but mostly he’s expecting those traveling by automobile on state Route 375, also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.

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