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John L. Smith

Save affirms rescuers’ role on mountain

To outsiders it must look like ideal duty: a fire station at the end of State Route 157 in upper Kyle Canyon; big pines, friendly neighbors, clean air and majestic Charleston Peak.

Nevada fight paved the way for pay-per-view

All right, fight fans, here’s a trivia question for you: Where did boxing’s first pay-per-view event take place?

Performance to make spotlight less foreign to choir

The choir at diminutive Sandy Valley High practices well outside the spotlight. The school is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

Toll pitches great tale of major leaguer

David W. Toll had made a name for himself in Nevada as a writer and publisher. He’s written with unabashed affection about the state and its people for decades.

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Prison job stress, hazards may overshadow benefits

Prisons are located on the edge of small towns for many reasons, not the least of which is the well-worn proposition that penitentiaries offer needed jobs in rural areas.

Former teacher, legislator offered valuable life lessons

If ever a man appeared to have prepared himself for the flak and sucker punches found in Nevada’s legislative and university politics, it was Jack Lund Schofield.

Territorial Enterprise’s revival arouses literary spirits

No story about the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, celebrated chronicler of high and low life on the Comstock, would be complete without mentioning its most famous reporter. That would be Mark Twain.

Sports, betting inextricably linked

The odds are good even the most perceptive bookmaker didn’t see this turnaround coming: U.S. Sen. John McCain speaking out in favor of expanding legalized sports betting in America.

Gun safety issue draws fire

Mention the subject of gun safety in Nevada, and you’re bound to draw metaphorical fire from every angle.

Gun safety debate remains big in Nevada

He was just 20, not old enough to legally buy a drink at the bar inside the Las Vegas Club.

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