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Mayor’s medical advice lacks expertise

Mayor (Kiernan) McManus,

Or do I address you as MD McManus? Reading the last paragraph of your December (opinion column) and the first paragraph of you January (opinion column) , makes me think you are the new doctor in town, ready to dispense prescription advice for the masses. I have it on good authority that Mother Nature is not pleased with your advice.

But let me first see if I am being fair to you. You seem to follow the logic that we have a worldwide problem and the solution is in the hands of man to correct. Who (WHO) started this problem? Well that is a question many countries are asking. Is it a true natural virus, or a man-made concoction from one of the many labs in the world? The jury is still out because China, where it escaped, is not letting anyone in the door to investigate.

If it was man-made and put together in a lab, it would not then have a genesis in nature and therefore cannot be traced to its origin. Think of the time they traced Ebola or some other disease to one cow somewhere in the USA. But if the virus was created in a lab, then nothing can be traced. If it was created by man with no beginning in nature, how do we create a vaccine to reverse its effects?

If we can not find what it is made of, how do we fight it? Do not vaccines have to incorporate something from the virus to make it effective? If you cannot identify the virus, how are you going to vaccinate against it? Or do we use the blind man in a room full of trouble, wielding a shotgun and shooting at everything he cannot see, hoping to get out alive?

Now if the virus is natural, then why do we not call in Mother Nature for advice? Certainly she can come up with something more simple and more effective than a shot in the arm that will try to give you some defense against a virus, with all the added man-made chemicals in it, like aluminum and mercury (somehow needed to help the injection find its way into your system). After all, a natural virus starts in nature.

Well guess what? Mother Nature suggests you build a healthy immune system, your first and best line of defense for most everything. But wait! This goes against everything we are being told. Stay inside, social distancing, mask wearing, get tested, (what most virologists and scientists can tell you is no defense at all). How well is that working for you? Seems every time you turn around some new regulation is being added.

The number of humans who have died from COVID do not justify a pandemic and shutting down the world and the economy. Smells more like a control measure to usher in a new plan. A plan we may not want to accept. For the benefit of those who follow MD McManus, you can have my vaccination; I will not be needing it. Mother Nature has given me what I need to stay healthy and survive the COVID and the next great hoax, until my time runs out.

I learned my lesson in the ’60s and ’70s from MD TV. You don’t fool with Mother Nature. Kiernan McManus, I would stick to your day job. It sounds like you have your hands full right now and you do not need someone who followed your every medical safety advice, and still got COVID, chasing you through City Hall.

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