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Letters to the Editor, May 24

Many contributed to success of preservation event

I would like to thank the community of Boulder City for their overwhelming response to the recent Historic Preservation Day sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, city of Boulder City and Boulder City-Hoover Dam Museum. It was a fun day for all.

The line for the tour of the historic Six Companies Lodge owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power just kept coming. We squeezed in tours all day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The excitement that the citizens generated to see this architectural masterpiece was well worth the planning and implementation of the workshop.

You would have enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes view of Roger and Roseanne Shoaff from the Boulder Dam Hotel as they packed up picnic lunches like the one that the workers at the Hoover Dam site might have had. Lunch was terrific.

Heidi Swank descended on us with her expertise in historic preservation as she managed our very distinguished guest panelists. They offered many unique suggestions for the future of Boulder City as we have turned a corner to make historic preservation a priority.

Ray Turner, a member of the Historic Preservation Committee, supervised tours of the water filtration plant as well as worked with the Boulder City Art Guild as citizens placed their vote for the first-, second- and third-place paintings of the plant.

Old friends and new friends were made as conversation was turned to what makes or our city a destination for tourists young and old, and a lovely place to live.

We hope to see you again next year as we continue to make historic Boulder City a highlight for the future.

Linda Graham

Vice chairman,

Historic Preservation Committee

Set aside time to recognize holiday tribute to Mary

Let’s not forget what May 31 is all about. It is the (Roman Catholic) Blessed Mary’s feast day of the visitation. This day is also my birthday (I was born under a lucky star).

Too often we forget that the real reason for this holiday is to honor Mary. Once upon a time her statues would be a common sight in front yards, but not anymore.

Here’s a tidbit of forgotten trivia. Can you name the Elvis Presley movie where, in one particular scene, Elvis and his character bride-to-be hold hands in front of a statue of Blessed Mary, which was clearly visible in the background? Give up? The move is “Kid Galahad.”

Even Elvis remembered Mary. How about you and I? Can we take a moment this May 31 for some quiet time to remember Mary (and also wish me a happy birthday)?

Bobby Morrow

Student appreciates information about state

Dear people of the great state of Nevada,

A couple of weeks ago I had a letter to the editor published in this newspaper. It said I was doing a state report on Nevada and asked you to send me some information.

Your response was overwhelming. I have tried my best to send a personal thank you to everyone, but if you sent something and have not received a personal letter, please know how much I appreciate the time, thought, effort and money that you took to help me with my project. I learned so much and I will never forget this experience.

On May 18 we had a big “State Fair” where we got to display the information and items we received. The people of the great state of Nevada were well-represented. Thank you again.

Walter Smith

Charlotte Latin School

Charlotte, North Carolina

A story of reconciliation amidst division

I keep going into the week when it is time for me to write a column with an idea that I know I want to write about but events keep pushing that idea further out into the future.

Who did more for veterans?

Did President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump do more for America’s veterans? It all depends how one keeps score: Introduce laws? Pass laws? Do large things, or many small things? Important things, or things that were not so important?Below are two examples according to Military.com.

Holy smokes!

Two weeks ago on June 25, I received messages from panicked individuals at the Elks Lodge RV Park stating that the Boulder City Fire Department had been conducting a controlled burn that had gotten out of control.

July is PR Month

For nearly 40 years, the nation has celebrated Park and Recreation Month in July to promote building strong, vibrant, and resilient communities through the power of parks and recreation.

July 4 safety and awareness checklist

As we celebrate our great nation’s birthday, let’s run down this safety and awareness checklist so we can have a blast this 4th… but only the good kind.

“Be Kind, Be Boulder” this Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, America! Today, we celebrate an act of autonomy and sovereignty that happened in 1776, nearly 250 years ago: the Founding Fathers signing of the Declaration of Independence established this great nation. (It would be another 155 years before Boulder City’s founders arrived to construct Hoover Dam!)

Ensuring fire safety at Lake Mead

At Lake Mead National Recreation Area, our mission extends beyond preserving the natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

Independence Day in Boulder City

I was elected to the Boulder City council long ago. Believe me, there were more exciting events that occurred during city council meetings in the mid-to-late 1980s than there are at present. We had Skokie Lennon who arrived in the council meetings while standing at the back of the room. When he had something to say he would erupt with the statement “can you hear me?” Of course we could since he was the loudest person in the room. He would say what he had to say and then leave.

Nothing to fear

A June 13 letter by Norma Vally claimed Pride Month in Boulder City is an example of identity politics that will cause divisiveness in our safe, kind, and welcoming town. I cannot disagree more.

Save me some confetti eggs

In last week’s edition, I wrote a preview of the upcoming July 4 celebration and described Boulder City’s biggest day of the year as if a Norman Rockwell painting had come alive and jumped off the canvas. I had a few people praise me for that description, saying it’s the perfect way to do so.