Letters to the Editor

Lend A Hand appreciates community’s support

Lend A Hand has just completed its third annual “nonevent” fundraiser. All of us at Lend A Hand are so appreciative of the support the Boulder City community has shown over more than 25 years for Lend A Hand and its programs that provide transportation and respite services to our community’s disabled and senior citizens.

Members of our community continue to demonstrate such generosity to help others. Thank you for all you do.

Barbara Paulsen

Lend A Hand board member


El Dorado Valley land should be preserved

I was disheartened to see the article two months or so ago in the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Boulder City Review about Henderson maybe incorporating about 2,700 acres of privately held land on Boulder City’s side of the hill somewhere near the rock quarry in the El Dorado Valley. The idea is to build future housing to expand Henderson’s tax base.

This brought back memories of all of the talk of selling our Dutchman Pass land on the Henderson side of the hill, which was viewed as very valuable housing property. I seem to remember about 250 acres of Boulder City land was known as Dutchman Pass.

I am not sure if Boulder City owns more land that can be sold on the Henderson side of the hill. I know that selling Dutchman Pass land would have to go through the Boulder City voters, but I think most voters would rather see Dutchman Pass land or land on Henderson’s side of the hill developed vs. cheaper land on our side of the hill. What if Boulder City sold Dutchman Pass land or any other Boulder City land on Henderson’s side and put the money in a fund to be used to buy up the private property on our side of the hill and preserve (it) from housing development? I think this is something that voters would buy into.

It is inevitable that there will be some commercial development on our side of the hill when the Interstate 11 freeway is built, but I think most Boulder City residents will agree that we don’t need housing in the El Dorado Valley.

(I am) also wondering why Boulder City isn’t trying to annex this privately held land in the El Dorado Valley, or I seem to remember maybe they have tried (but there were) too many roadblocks to succeed.

Randy Lemos


Wording on donation bin signs may cause confusion

In the article about the donation bin problem the lady said, about the sign, “It clearly states that if it doesn’t fit in the box, then don’t put anything in there.” The sign does does not say if object does not fit into the box, it is not acceptable. It says do not put it in the box. So the individuals are putting things outside the box.

Try changing the wording on the sign. Make it clear large objects are not acceptable.

Carol Denil


Thanks to Boulder City Library for performance

Once again thank you to Lynn Schofield-Dahl, director of the Boulder City Library, for having actor/master impressionist Duffy Hudson back for yet another tremendous performance, this time as Audie Murphy, America’s most decorated soldier, in “To Hell And Back.” Those of us fortunate enough to see Mr. Duffy do Albert Einstein, George Burns and acting all the parts in “A Christmas Carol,” were once again privileged to see him impersonate Audie Murphy.

What a powerful and moving performance, and certainly an honor to all our veterans and their families.

Bravo to Duffy Hudson, and in addition to Lynn Schofield-Dahl, for continually bringing such quality to our Boulder City community.

Linda Barnett

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