Letters to the Editor

No government ‘meddling’ needed

The quotation from Ms. Heidi Grigg — park employee — is a perfect example of government-issued phony baloney. Pure BS.

“… I’m most sad about the businesses that operate in the park. …” (Oct. 24 Page 1, Boulder City Review ).

Ms. Grigg, the last thing those businesses need is government supervision. These are experienced, professional private enterprise innovators. They know how to provide goods and services to the public and make a profit (after taxes). Something Ms. Grigg does not have a clue about. They can function quite well without supervision and meddling.

As for the services they sell, how much government oversight is required for an individual to operate his/her/its boat? Or to hike in Red Rock (Canyon National Conservation Area)? Or reside in a vacation cabin? Or visit a Word War II memorial? The crowning insult was permitting a Latino group permission to demonstrate on the (National) Mall.

The National Parks Service should be condemned as overbearing thugs. The fact their police force was considered “essential” to harass and intimidate law-abiding citizens is outrageous.

Ms. Grigg, take your crocodile tears somewhere else. May I suggest the government-supplied water cooler in the government-supplied break room, stocked with government-supplied amenities.

There is a reason 800,000 government employees were considered nonessential. I wish it was more permanent.

Who is a stakeholder?

I have finished reading “RDA funds distributed to area businesses” article (Oct. 24 Page 1, Boulder City Review) by Dale Napier.

Tell me, Mayor Roger Tobler, these stakeholders, am I one? I have lived here more than 16 years. Please tell me who is a stakeholder or why is someone a stakeholder.

Missing rifle is no small matter

In his letter (to the editor, (Oct. 24 Page 1, Boulder City Review) Wayne Colla made some valid observations, but was in error in assuming that an AR-15 was a fully automatic rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle and only fires one shot with each pull of the fire. (The AK-47 rifles sold to civilians for sport shooting are also only semi-automatic.) I agree that whoever had documented possession of it should be accountable for replacing the rifle, and not just write it off as inadequate controls in place and stick Boulder City taxpayers wit the bill (almost $2,000.)

Thanks for the Beerfest Saturday

Thanks to Boulder City for the Beerfest Saturday! The organizers of this first year’s Beerfest did an absolutely wonderful job and are to be congratulated. The event with its beer and food vendors was exceptionally well-organized. All of the vendors we visited were not only knowledgeable but also very interesting and eager to please. The food also was delicious. We definitely want this event to return!

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