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Letters to the Editor

Garrett students benefit from trip to Kidvention, devoted teacher

I recently had the opportunity to accompany 37 outstanding Garrett Junior High School seventh-grade U.S. history students to Kidvention. Kidvention was sponsored by our local Boulder Dam Credit Union.

At Kidvention, the students were presented with four topics that were debated by high school debate students versus some of our elected legislators. The students were given a chance to vote on the argument they found most persuasive. It was an interesting process to watch, and it started many conversations on the bus ride back to school and in my own home.

Our students are lucky to have Kathleen West, who makes history fun and engaging every day. She should be commended for taking the extra time and energy to expose our students to such a civic engagement and intellectual discussions. May they continue to listen to one another and engage in their civic duty as they mature.

Special thanks to Mrs. West, the leadership of Garrett Junior High School and Boulder Dam Credit Union for sponsoring Kidvention 2017.

Jenifer Jefferies

Release of trapped cat in same area doesn’t solve issue

The other day I live-trapped a cat that had been harassing and killing wildlife in my yard. I took it to the city animal control office. The fellow there took my pertinent information. And then told me what was going to happen.

The cat would be checked for an identification chip, spayed or neutered, given its shots and then kept for a week or more. If it was not claimed, it would be released in the general area where it was captured — that would be my yard.

At this point I became quite irritated and asked the young man why he thought I had trapped the animal. He was not sure. I told him I did not want that cat in my yard again to kill more wildlife. He said he would have to check with his supervisor to see if the cat could be placed somewhere else.

I now realized, as I scrutinized the cat carefully, that I had trapped it before, and was likely going to do it again. Through my taxes I would pay for medical care, three hots and a cot for this cat and then this animal would be returned gently back near my residence to start the process over again. If this isn’t job security for bureaucrats, I don’t know what is.

I told the young man that if I trap this cat again, I would take it to Searchlight to determine if it lived there. If it got away from me, oh well.

I will admit I do not like Boulder City government, and this incident will surely not lessen my disdain.

Del Kidd

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Kids and calendars and too many events

I knew that becoming a parent would require my hobbies to take a backseat, but I didn’t realize that my children would be busier than I’ve ever been in my life.

Boulder City staff encourages resident feedback

City staff wants to hear from you, help you, and continue our quest to make Boulder City the best place to live, work, and experience enjoyment in Southern Nevada.

USA’s strength comes through cooperation with love

Perhaps you believe that bipartisan cooperation is not possible. Ninety-five percent of the time legislation in Joe Biden’s presidency was bipartisan.

Good sportsmanship serves us well in life

Good sportsmanship is hard to define. Its hallmarks include winning without gloating, losing gracefully and respecting everyone involved, including opponents, coaches, officials, fans and administrators. In the heat of competition, will your better nature rise to manifest the good sport in you? Or will you instead listen to the negative voices and be a poor sport? Many youths and adults in our town recently had a chance to discover the answers to those questions when faced with a startling development.

Time to make a move

This is probably one of the most difficult columns I will have to write during my tenure as editor of the Boulder City Review. And that’s because my time at the helm of the paper is coming to an end.

U.S. residents better duck

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. That, dear reader, is an example of “ab-DUCK-tive” reasoning.

Feds should force California’s hand on water use

California officials continue to be the lone holdout on an agreement among seven Colorado River states to cut water usage. Despite imposing numerous “deadlines” for such a deal, federal officials have yet to intervene. They must reconsider if the thirsty Golden State refuses to budge.

Basketball teams merit accolades

The Boulder City Review is sending special commendations to the boys of the basketball teams at Garrett Junior High and Boulder City High schools.

Area’s natural beauty must be preserved

Anyone who has driven into Henderson in the past few months has likely seen the new homes going up in the Black Mountain area. And when I say “going up” I mean it literally; these homes are being built onto the side of the mountain itself.