Letters to the Editor

Signs needed to warn drivers of incoming traffic

This is regarding the traffic signals at Railroad Pass. Now that the left-turn signal has been activated at the Pass, I think there should be some additional warning several hundred feet before the southbound interchange at the casino.

There needs to be a large sign on both sides of the highway saying “merging traffic ahead, slow to 40 miles per hour.”

I’ve seen several accidents since activation of the light.

It appears the multiple lines have been corrected.

Ronda Belleau

Bowling alley great place to make friends

Boulder City has so much to offer both residents and visitors. Besides fine dining, Hoover Dam and visual walking tours, it seems we have a “hidden treasure” that appears to be overlooked by many. I am referring to Boulder Bowl that has food, fun, exercise and great people. I am a newbie here in town and finding Boulder Bowl has been a great place to establish new friendships.

Here are some facts about Boulder Bowl that everyone should consider and realize that this establishment owned by Lonnie and Diana Cavins serves the community in such a positive way.

1. They have given away more than $10,000 in scholarships since 2014 to junior bowlers.

2. This is the only private-owned center (not casino owned) in the entire Las Vegas area.

3. The establishment is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

4. A “Kids Bowl Free” program is offered every summer. Kids can bowl two games free each day all summer long and a family pass can be purchased for the whole summer.

5. Boulder Bowl offers both summer and winter leagues.

6. Private parties can be booked for birthdays and other special events.

The high school bowlers have some outstanding athletes. In an age where kids are wearing out their thumbs on electronics, we need to encourage more of this.

If we do not support this fun and friendly place to play, the only option for bowling would be farther from home and more expensive. Have a date night and bowl a couple games followed up by a root beer float at A&W.

If you are not able to bowl, come on down and support our teams and find both new and old friends to socialize with. In a time where we are seeing some businesses leaving Boulder City, it would be such a shame to lose this great addition to Boulder City.

Laurie Montanye

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