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Public Safety

Motorists should practice back-to-school safety

Summer break is officially over, and if you didn’t know, the streets will be busy with children enthusiastically making their way to school. As students are out buying new school clothes and supplies to last them through the school year, you as a parent and motorist should be aware of some back-to-school safety tips. By talking to your children, and taking a few extra precautions while driving we can keep our roads safe for our children and help maintain their well-being throughout the year.

Use caution when driving in school zone

Can anyone say stop? Where does the time go? Summer vacation is coming to an end. We all know what happens next. School is around the corner. And with that in mind, let’s remember the safety of our children.

For better health, longer life, quit smoking

Smoking is dangerous, smoking is bad, and smoking is unhealthy. You have probably heard it your whole life — from the time you were a kid in school to every time you light one up on your smoke break; the looks, the sighs, the disbelief, you’re thinking this could never happen to me. Take a few minutes and review the facts, not the opinions or myths of smoking, but the stone cold hard facts.

The Latest
Night out highlighted by softball, proposal

As expected, National Night Out at Veterans Memorial Park went off Tuesday with high-flying success. There was a great turn out of Boulder City residents that came out to support the police department in its awareness night. National Night Out is the police department’s annual event to promote and establish a partnership with the residents of Boulder City in fighting crime.

Why are police blamed for enforcing state, city laws?

Is accountability a personal issue? I’d like to think it is. We learn about it in grade school and it’s taught to us by our parents. So, I wonder, why do the people police meet during enforcement activities have every story under the sun about why they were breaking the law?

National Night Out event returns Tuesday

It’s that time of year again: The annual National Night Out hosted by the Boulder City Police Department will start at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the baseball fields at Veterans Memorial Park.

Police Blotter

July 21, 8:09 a.m.

Community not immune to juvenile misbehavior

Hola, BC! I hope your summer is going well. Our kids are the future. Here at the police department we frequently encounter juveniles during the work day. Kids can be a handful, as parents and grandparents know.

Preparing for emergency helps first responders

EMTs and paramedics for the fire department are trained to respond to medical and traumatic emergencies. Under the supervision of doctors, nurses and other paramedics, we are professionals who have three to four years of medical training to handle and diffuse different situations. We receive two to four years of schooling, plus departmentwide academy training in a number of fire-related emergencies. We are the first line of defense in an emergency. When you call 911 for a medical or fire-related emergency, we are the first people you will see.