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Public Safety

Community works as one to locate missing man

Thank you! Boulder City residents should pat themselves on the back. The Damboree Parade went off without a hitch or a balloon. Everyone respected the “no water balloons” request. No calls, complaints or citations over the water balloon issue. Thanks BC!

Steps to take when living with seizures

A problem that affects people of all ages is seizures. If you have never seen someone have a seizure, the first time can be intimidating. You are left feeling hopeless and helpless.

Safety first with ‘safe and sane’ fireworks

Happy birthday, America! As we celebrate America’s 237th birthday, I can’t help but think how blessed we are. Living in this ordered country provides the majority of us a very safe environment.

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Depression, anxiety can be overwhelming

A sore subject for many people to openly discuss is depression. Depression for most people is simply more than a mild case of “the blues.”

Police Blotter

June 25, 1:15 p.m.

No routine calls in a police officer’s job

In our profession there is a word that makes us cringe, “routine.” We find it all the time, in writings, interviews, the media, even sometimes in our own circles.

Safety should be top priority Fourth of July

It’s time again for the annual Fourth of July celebration. Thousands of people flock to Boulder City every year to celebrate the independence of our great nation. With the parade, park festivities and evening fireworks show, the events continue from early morning until late at night. Many people will indulge in family barbecues and picnics, boating on the lake and generally enjoying themselves.

Failure to ‘move over’ spurs fatality, congestion

Last Thursday, many Boulder City residents were delayed getting to town on U.S. Highway 95/93 from Henderson. A fatal collision involving three vehicles left one driver dead and shut down the highway for a couple hours.

Be prepared for heat for you and your best friend

In this line of work we have a couple of favorite letters, OT — overtime. However, when you add the letter H to the front of that, we melt, literally. Boy, the blast-furnace weather is really here. This week the HOT calls came in.

Important to review safe driving practices

Now that school is officially out for the summer, June, July, and August are the busiest time of year for travel. Naturally, this is the best time for families to take road trips to see relatives and vacation hot spots. As you prepare to take a vacation, let’s review some road safety tips.

Beware of signs of heat-related emergencies

Summer heat is officially here to stay. If you follow the local weather forecast, you are well aware of the triple-digit-temperature threats that are looming over us for the next few months. Many of you will surely be enjoying your days outdoors. Family barbecues, boating on the lake, camping and hiking, and dirt-biking seem to be locals’ favorite ways to get some exercise and spend quality time with loved ones.

Police Blotter

May 28, 2:05 p.m.