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Public Safety

200-year-old principles guide policing

In 1829 the “Father of Modern Policing” established the Metropolitan Police Force in Scotland Yard. I know, I can hear it already; “Why are we discussing almost 200 years ago?”

Take steps to avoid danger of flash floods

 This year has brought a lot of rain to Boulder City, including a storm Monday that brought some wind, too. Although we don’t have a lot of flash flood problems in Boulder City, there are many more challenges for those of us who venture down into the valley. 

The Latest
Take time to review home fire dangers

Most injuries and accidents around the home are just that: accidents. Sometimes it’s inevitable that the picture frame falls off the wall and hits your head, or you slip on the wet tile in your bathroom and fall down.

Watch over kids text messaging, using social media

Last week we gave thanks to our communication’s personnel. I’m sure we’ve all heard that communication is essential to success in many areas, especially in our line of work.

Police Blotter

Aug. 20, 9:03 p.m.

Be on lookout for early signs of strokes

Living with a disability of any kind can be a struggle. Millions of Americans fight on a daily basis to keep up with their daily routines. Disabilities can come in many different forms ranging from small to large, both mental and physical.

Motorists should practice back-to-school safety

Summer break is officially over, and if you didn’t know, the streets will be busy with children enthusiastically making their way to school. As students are out buying new school clothes and supplies to last them through the school year, you as a parent and motorist should be aware of some back-to-school safety tips. By talking to your children, and taking a few extra precautions while driving we can keep our roads safe for our children and help maintain their well-being throughout the year.

Teenage drivers need to take responsibility

The music group sings “We don’t need no education.” First of all that’s wrong; but name that group if you can!

Use caution when driving in school zone

Can anyone say stop? Where does the time go? Summer vacation is coming to an end. We all know what happens next. School is around the corner. And with that in mind, let’s remember the safety of our children.

For better health, longer life, quit smoking

Smoking is dangerous, smoking is bad, and smoking is unhealthy. You have probably heard it your whole life — from the time you were a kid in school to every time you light one up on your smoke break; the looks, the sighs, the disbelief, you’re thinking this could never happen to me. Take a few minutes and review the facts, not the opinions or myths of smoking, but the stone cold hard facts.

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