Heavy rains cause temporary closure of St. Thomas Road

Flash floods have forced the closure of the access road for the historic town of St. Thomas within Lake Mead National Recreation Area. More storms are possible this week and there is no estimate for when the road will reopen.

The main roads in the park that travel around Lake Mead and Lake Mohave are open, but do have some gravel and debris from flood waters. Cyclists should use caution when traveling on these roads. Vehicles also should maintain a greater distance to avoid debris that may fly up.

All backcountry roads may have suffered flash-flood damage, so users of those roads are urged to proceed with caution.

Crews are working to maintain vehicle access on roads throughout the park.

Park visitors are advised to keep an eye on the weather. If a storm approaches while on land, never drive through flowing water and avoid washes and low-lying areas. If on the water, put on a life jacket, head toward shore and write down GPS coordinates in case a rescue is needed.

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