Bolder burglars: Police investigating forced-entry crimes

Thieves are now making bolder moves to burglarize local residences, police say.

While burglaries in Boulder City are not uncommon, Boulder City Police say they have seen four burglaries involving forced entries during the first week of January.

“Typically we don’t get a lot of forced entries,” detective Sgt. John Glenn said.

Intruders have pried open doors and broken windows to get into residences in the downtown area, Glenn said.

Stolen items include jewelry, coins, cash and other “miscellaneous, nonidentifiable stuff,” Glenn said. “They aren’t stealing CDs and stereos, cameras.”

The burglaries occurred during the day while residents were at work, Glenn said.

Police have no leads, but are familiar with a number of locals who could be responsible.

“We have a list of suspects, we just don’t have any leads on them,” Glenn said. “We have probably 30 people who are good for this type of stuff.”

Police are patrolling the streets in unmarked cars and looking for suspicious activity, particularly anyone wearing a backpack, Glenn said.

To report suspicious activity, call the Boulder City Police Department at 702-293-9224.

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