News Briefs

Resident files complaint about open meeting law violation

Ainsworth Hunt of Boulder City filed a complaint against Mayor Rod Woodbury and City Clerk Lorenne Krumm with the Nevada attorney general’s office on Thursday, Sept. 21, following a City Council meeting the day prior in which the council publicly interviewed its four finalists for the city attorney position.

At the Sept. 20 special City Council meeting, Hunt said city staff did not provide him or other residents copies of the candidates’ resumes when they were asked for them repeatedly.

Hunt said he filed the complaint in regard to Nevada Revised Statutes 241.020, subsection 6, that deals with Nevada’s open meeting law and states that a “public body shall provide at least one copy of any other supporting material provided to the members of the public body for an item on the agenda,” except for those materials that are part of a nondisclosure agreement, pertain to a closed portion of the meeting, and declared confidential by law.

“Why didn’t Mayor Woodbury direct Lou (Krumm) or Tami (McKay) to get them? … Not seeing that supporting material shortchanges the public,” he said.

Hunt also filed an amendment to the complaint with a list of witnesses.

Monica Moazez, communications director for the attorney general’s office, confirmed that the office had “received a number of related complaints” for this matter.

According to Sue Manteris, spokeswoman for the city, the city was information about the complaint Monday.

“The city is fully cooperating with the attorney general’s office,” she said.

The agenda packet released before the meeting included the names, but not resumes of the candidates for the position. It did say that they and interview questions would be available before the meeting, neither of which, however, was done.

Tuesday night workshop to focus on complete street project

Boulder City will hold a workshop Tuesday for its Boulder City Parkway complete streets project. The workshop will begin at 5 p.m. at the Elaine K. Smith Center, 700 Wyoming St.

The session will start with time to view boards that will show ideas for the project, followed by a meeting conducted by Jim Keane, city engineer. Afterward, there will be time for questions and answers.

The complete street concept provides improvements for vehicle traffic and alternative types of transportation such as bicycles while also creating a safer environment for pedestrians as well as beautifying the streetscape. They typically incorporate features such as bus turnouts, wider sidewalks, dedicated bicycle lanes and upgraded medians.

City staff has been working with the CA Group since August 2016 to develop plans for the project, including public workshops as well as individual meetings with businesses along the parkway. It will incorporate Boulder City Parkway between Gingerwood Street and Buchanan Boulevard.