Holiday wishes would make city a better place

I’ve never written a letter to Santa or composed a Christmas list, so I thought I’d share my wishes with you since you will be fulfilling them, not in any particular order.

I wish every person in Boulder City was registered to vote and went to the polls for every election.

I wish everyone in town spoke to everyone else, no matter what our preconceived ideas of that person may be. That means we start by saying hello to everyone. There’s nothing more satisfying than saying “hello” and getting a smile and a hello back at you.

I wish there would be police officers walking our downtown and neighborhoods and getting to know residents as individuals and not only when folks are at their worst.

I wish that no matter what our philosophical or religious beliefs, we refrain from judging or snubbing folks or treating them as if their opinions didn’t matter.

I wish all kids who think their parents don’t understand them would sit down with them on a regular basis and have a conversation with the “old folks.” The same holds true for the parents who believe their kids are “out of control.”

I wish every pet in Boulder City had a license, was walked on a leash in public and had a responsible owner who picked up their messes.

I wish teachers were treated with respect by students, parents, administrators, the school district and the community. It would be nice if teachers never had to hear the words “my parents will sue you” from a student.

I wish every person in Boulder City who needs a job finds one at a wage that allows him or her to afford a place to live, buy food, pay for medical bills and prescriptions, utilities, a phone and insurance, go to the dentist and eye doctor, buy clothing and afford a car or transportation to get to work. Notice I didn’t mention any “frills,” although a little money to eat at a restaurant once in a while doesn’t seem to be asking too much.

I wish those who have positions of authority remember where their “power” comes from and think not once, but twice and maybe even three times, before abusing it.

I wish those who say they shop in Boulder City really did.

I wish those who have no time to learn what’s going on in all facets of government carve out some time in their busy week to enrich themselves by reading about what is going on around them.

I wish everyone would recycle their trash and use less water and electricity.

I wish people wouldn’t drink or text and drive; and while they’re at it, I wish everyone would obey speed limits and traffic signs and use turn signals.

I wish everyone would say what they believe and live what they believe.

I wish we had ways to advertise garage sales, new homes and other “events” instead of using boxes in the medians and trailers parked on streets.

I wish people wouldn’t park illegally.

I wish everyone would stop to think before they throw trash in the street or on the sidewalk.

I wish everyone had access to all the medical services they need right here in Boulder City.

I wish everyone who wants to get a higher education or job training had the financial means to do just that.

I wish everyone had someone on whom they can depend not just in an emergency but when they simply need someone to talk to.

I wish the city of Boulder City would use renewable energy in every city building.

I wish domestic violence, drug abuse and gun violence were nonexistent, and while I’m at it, it would be nice if we never sent anyone off to war.

I wish everyone enjoyed their job and shared that joy with those they served.

I could wish for more, but, if we can accomplish some of my wishes, we’d all be that much better for trying.

— Rose Ann Miele is a journalist and was public information officer for Boulder City for nine years. She can be reached at or at 702-339-9082.

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