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Cat Trico

Life too short not to do as much as you can

My grandmother introduced me to the card game of Pit. It is based on commodity trading. It is as frenzied a game as the craziness of the commodity floor, with everyone vying to “trade” all at once.

Animals, plants may feel more than we know

The word for today is sentient. Dictionary.com defines sentient as “having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.” Sentience connotes the “capacity for sensation or feeling.”

Daylight may be saved, but at what cost

In a children’s tale there was a city of fools. The people had a town hall with a roof covered of grass. They wanted to cut it. The roof was too high. The ladder was too short. They thought a lot and decided to cut a piece of the low end of the ladder and lengthen it to its top end.

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Knowing word origins critical to communicate properly

It seems life always has some surprise around the corner for us to bump into. This week was no different from any other. No matter how “prepared” I was to tackle my numerous projects, Monday showed up on my doorstep and the next thing I knew, Friday was already out the door.

Future belongs to those who persevere

We all have jobs in life. For some jobs we get paid, others are paid through life experiences and strong relationships. Our “jobs” often bring obligations, expectations and time constraints. Each brings remembrances and rewards. Life experience has taught me that, as a friend defined it, what matters are the “margins” in our life.

Making music can add so much to one’s life

Flutes made of animal bones date back 37,000 years, and the drum probably was used long before then. Today, there are five instrument categories: percussion, woodwinds, brass, strings and keyboard. Popular instruments include the guitar, banjo, ukulele, clarinet, trombone, violin, piano and harmonica.

There’s never enough time to do all we wish

Time is a funny thing. Back in July I was feeling totally in control and confident, with six Christmas presents already purchased, that I would have the holiday frenzy totally under control. Then Thanksgiving landed in my lap and the scurry of buying, wrapping, baking and mailing descended upon me like the holiday tornado unrelentingly does. Where did those months from July to November flee?