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Cat Trico

Pi ‑ and pie ‑ help make life’s challenges easier

I riffled through this month’s cerebral images, considered my latest interpersonal interactions, and perused the “National Days” calendar in an attempt to overcome some writer’s block. Like the alignment of Jupiter, Mars and Venus, there was a grand conjunction to awaken my writer’s muse.

Helping others has magical effects

It’s 2015! Back in mid-December I wrote my article so I could meet my deadline early. It was perfect! It had just the right number of words to meet my editor’s request. It was iconic, yet witty. It was all about the overhype of setting goals. After all, I am 64 and goals are for young folks, right?

Life gives us much joy, if we embrace it

November is a time of friends, Pilgrims and feasting. We, like the Pilgrims, live our lives, pose to persevere and strike a thankful stance. Yet, many of us feel that life was better 30 years ago. So, I ask the question: Just how thankful are we, individually, and as a people, in this “land of the free”?

The Latest
Kids succeed despite district impediments

School districts across the nation and attention deficit disorders are often used in the same paragraph. There are so many young people now suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar and other syndromes that affect their learning and require hard work to overcome their challenges.

Pesky ants have much to teach us

Is there anyone in Boulder City who didn’t end up with those pesky little ants this summer? They visited my neighbor and friends across town! Me? I had two visits. What a nuisance. And what a quandary for the ecoconscious.

Your words are a gift for others

My inspiration for this column often comes from some (un)official holiday, but not much is celebrated in August. Maybe it’s too hot or folks are busy with vacations. There is also the issue of winding down from the summer and gearing up for the kids heading back to school. Now there is inspiration! Gearing up for learning.

Sharing thoughts crucial to nation’s essence

July, being the anniversary of our nation’s birth, always causes me to reflect on what our forefathers (and foremothers) sacrificed and the reasons behind their passion.