Letters to the Editor

Boulder City’s leaders need to do what’s best for city, residents

In light of recent front-page headlines in our local newspaper and events occurring over the last several years in our city government it makes me wonder how any resident in our town could like the way this city operates? Personally, I find it appalling and disgraceful. What ever happened to good, old-fashioned work ethics and integrity and doing right by your employer?

I have lived in Nevada for 46 years, 34 years of which have been here in Boulder City, and I have voted every year I have lived here. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, mayors like Bob Ferraro and Eric Lundguard and their City Council members did an outstanding job for this town, unlike these days where it seems more people in office or on the job have their own agendas doing what is best for themselves instead of doing what is best for the city.

My husband, Robyn, would like nothing more than to run for public office here in Boulder City, but unfortunately he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and after going through 2½ years of chemotherapy is not physically able nor up to the task. But if he were, folks around here would see exactly what integrity and hard work were all about.

Sharon Teagarden-Brohard

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